The Little Milestones

It’s the little milestones that are making me smile these days.  Ever since the engagement, I feel like everything is a first all over again.  First days back to work as an engaged woman, first time referring to him as my fiance, first time looking at wedding boards on Pinterest and realizing I can actually have one of those now.  The list goes on.

This Labor Day weekend, we had our first lazy weekend together as an engaged couple.  Since the weather was absolutely gorg, we spent a lot of time poolside.  I’m not sure whether to call this a first or a last since it will probably one of the last pool weekends until next summer, but hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in one more before closing it.  

Our praying mantis friend Carl, finally reading my June Cosmo I never even opened, and what our cluttered table actually looks like on a pool day.  

We also went out on our first real date since I got the ring.  I was especially excited to go this time since I ruined his original plan and I let him spend the money on me without argument.  We went to our favorite spot, the Catonsville Gourmet, of course.  Sadly, my go-to meal was no longer on the menu (apparently they switched owners or something), but I got something similar that was equally delicious. 

My fiance (hehe), rosemary scallops, seared tuna nachos.  

Most importantly, we celebrated ONE FULL YEAR OF HOME OWNERSHIP together!  That’s right!  One full year of successful mortgage payments down!  (Just 29 to go! Ha!) I honestly could not be more proud to say we made it the whole year without a late payment, without any major arguments, and with us both still really looking forward to the rest of our lives together.  It’s a rare thing and I could not be more grateful.  

Cheers to another year of milestones both big and small!   

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