My 30-something Bucket List

Do you ever have an idea to do something fun and say to yourself, “We should definitely do that one of these days”?  I feel like my friends and I are doing this all. the. time. So often, I don’t even remember what we’d wanted to do.

Well a few weeks ago, I read a blog post on this same topic.  I thought it was a great idea and was really motivated by this woman’s list of goals.  I’m going to make my own list, I said.  And got to thinking... and thinking... and thinking...

Crap.  I’ve got nothing.  How boring and uninspired am I?  Is there truly nothing left I’d like to accomplish?  I’ve always said I could die tomorrow and be satisfied that I’ve led a full life, but sh*t, is it bad that I’m happy to just coast through a mediocre life from here on out?

Perhaps it’s the fact that I was raised with a heavy dose of realism - that it was both unreasonable and selfish to expect to stand out in anything or to make any more than $30K a year.  Perhaps it was actually accomplishing a lot in my early years, whether I had meant to or not. Like in college when I found myself meeting and working with so many of my cheerleading idols, doing things I’d only seen on TV, and realizing I was damn good at it.  That was fun!

Photo options are lacking.  #beforedigitalcameras

And how when I turned 21 and was finally old enough to coach (yea, you see my priorities back then? Nerd.), I took my first team to states.  In hindsight I realize that can be a once in a lifetime thing in itself. 

My girls.  Couldn't be prouder.

My friends and I had the most insane, VIP, deathly ill for 2 weeks afterward trip to Vegas.  Nope, I’ll never get that experience again. 

Me and my BFFs circa 2007.

I’ve traveled to Amsterdam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Beach, Kuwait.  Heck, I even slept for several nights in Saddam Hussein’s former palace.  In his actual beds.  Seriously.  Who else can say that??

In Baghdad. So badass.

So when it comes to writing my bucket list, I’m afraid the bucket is almost full.  The only things that come to mind now are so simple, I almost feel stupid writing them.  They are:

  1. Become a wife.
  2. Grow my own human and raise it too.
  3. Take a couples trip to Disney, New Orleans, Vegas, and Napa.  Without kids.
  4. Get to know God and His purpose for me in the next 30 years.  

That’s it.  I hope I haven’t become boring in my “old” age, but rather content.  Try writing your own bucket list.  It’s harder than you think!

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  1. I've avoided making a bucket list. I made a list similiar way back in my senior year in HS and there's some things still haunting me that I can't do... So I hate knowing I can't reach my plans.

    1. Aww if you can dream it, you can do it! lol jk. I know what you mean though. Let's be honest, when I was younger I honestly wanted to be a pop singer with my own tour. Sometimes it not about reaching all of your goals, but rather being rational about what ya got. ;)