Countdown to Christmas

This weekend was all about catching up on holiday preparations and attending a friend's annual holiday party!  Just look at how jolly we are! :)  

Now it's really getting close and I'm counting down the days to winter break and time spent with those we love!  It's going to be a long week, but I know I can do it.  I'm giving myself some goals for the week, and all have to do with savoring the season for as long as I possibly can.  They are...

1. Watch each Christmas movie for the 18,000th time.  In fact, I may as well cancel my entire cable package with the exception of ABC Family for the next few weeks.  I'd be fully satisfied.  

2. Ditto for Christmas songs.  Why is it that a pop song can start to get on my nerves after just a few weeks but holiday songs I can listen to for a lifetime?  I guess that's just the magic of it.  And gosh darn do I love it.

3. Enjoy a good book.  A holiday one, naturally.  With a side of hot cocoa and cookies warm from the oven. ;)

4. Complete my shopping.  I'd like to be set up to simply wrap next weekend.  Avoid the madness. (Although I love that this time of year too.)

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  1. You two definitely look very cute and jolly! :)
    I like all of your goals for the week!! Lots of luck to you in accomplishing them all, especially the gifts one!

  2. I am hoping to be able to wrap this coming weekend as well - - - Fingers Crossed for that one.

    And you look very Jolly! Your husband is making the same face my husband makes in selfie - - "Did you take it yet?" hehehehe.

  3. All I want is to finish my shopping, Really, that's all. lol