Our O-mazing Baltimore Reception!

The morning, the ceremony, it was all entirely perfect.  But let's get to the most important thing... the party!  When we booked the back of a stadium bar as our venue, I have to admit, I had no idea I would love it THIS much!  It was casual, yet classy, and a whole ton of Baltimore style fun!  

We purposely planned our wedding to take place on an Orioles game day and held the reception at Frank & Nic's West End Grille, a bar right outside the stadium.  It was packed and a little hectic, but that all contributed to the energy in the atmosphere.  We wanted to put our guests right in the heart of a Baltimore game day, and I think everyone had an amazing time!

Although the restaurant staff was undoubtedly overwhelmed with customers, they did not let that take away from our day and treated us like VIP the entire time.  We served sausage and peppers, pulled pork sliders, chicken tenders, and mini crab cakes (it is Maryland after all).  They were delicious and all of the guests I spoke with agreed.  We saved money by not hiring a baker.  Instead, two of my girlfriends from high school baked me hundreds of cupcakes and a small round cake for us to slice into.  I had told them they could make it plain, but they went above and beyond and surprised us with an orange ombre cake (O's colors!)

Guests were drooling over our cupcakes which came in 3 flavors - chocolate with peanut butter icing, cookies and cream, and lemon with vanilla frosting. They are to die for and now I am craving one just thinking about it.  Dang it.

For favors, we had koozies made which featured the Natty Boh guy and Utz girl, keeping in the theme of Baltimore.  They were made for us courtesy of a friend at Nightmare Graphics in Columbia, MD.  We probably have a hundred or so left and will probably be using them for the rest of our lives :)  

Other than that, it was a amazing afternoon filled with laughing, dancing, goofing around, and getting in the spirit of Baltimore.  It was perfect and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a similar low key atmosphere to consider a place like Frank & Nic's as a venue.  They really made our day special! 

All photos were taken by the wonderful Maureen Pacheco!

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Valentine Favorites for 2015

Valentine's Day is probably the cutest holiday ever invented.  Sure it's all commercial, but what girl can resist pink, purple, hearts, sparkle, and everything else that seems to go along with this celebration of love?  Time to reveal my favorite finds of the Valentine season!  

ONE.  Valentine decorative pillow.  All you need is love and wine.  Truth.  

TWO.  Red polka dot ankle pants.  Cute and stylish and oh so Valentiney.

THREE.  Cat. Romper.  Pajamas.  Oh my word.  I've shared my love of rompers and my cat obsession before.  These were clearly designed specifically for my closet.

FOUR.  Heart sheets.  Not sure how my husband would feel about me putting these on our bed, but I know I'd really enjoy them :)

FIVE.  Heart shaped marshmallows.  Nothing to get you through these bitter cold and snowy days like a cup of hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows.  I mean, doesn't this look good?  

SIX.  Valentine mug.  Because obviously I always need more mugs....  ;) 

So go ahead and get all lovey dovey with my favorite things!  We've got to have something to get us through the second half of winter right?!

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Five on Friday + Free Printables!

This week we celebrated my husband's 31st birthday!  I really can't believe he turned 31 since he's younger than me, and that must mean I'm reallllly getting up there!  We had a delicious brunch at the Boathouse restaurant in Baltimore with a couple of our closest friends, and dinner with his family later on.  I also gifted him with a Home Depot gift card.  Lame and selfish I know since he'll be using it to fix up the house that I also live in, but I guess gifts tend to go that way by the you turn 31 :)

We finally got a little sprinkle of snow, and it was beautiful.  It was only an inch or so but just enough to coat the grass and trees and look pretty awesome flying toward your windshield.  Hoping for more?  I am too.  Just a little bit.  This combined with my struggle to decorate for anything post Christmas, I created two printables, just to keep the winter cheer going for a while.  Help yourselves to the download.
Get it here!

Get it here!

Is anyone else in love with these sweater coffee cozies like I am?  I don't even know why since I usually drink out of a Tervis, which certainly doesn't need one, but I suddenly feel the need to switch my cup choice simply so I can use a knitted cozy.  #firstworlddecisions 
This cup and cozy is available at Target, and super adorbs! 

Today is the last day of the semester.  That means I have made through HALF of my first year at my new job!  Cheers to that!

I watched the movie Gone Girl this week and am completely infatuated with it.  I did have nightmares the entire night after I saw it so I'm not sure why I want to see it again, but I do.  I only wish I had read the book first.  I'm not sure if this makes me mentally disturbed, but it really captured me.  Anyone read the sequels?  Are they as good?  

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!

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Wedding Flashback: The Ceremony!

Admittedly, I may be way late on this, but in this cold heart of winter, it seems the perfect time to flash back to warmer seasons and one of the best days of my entire life.  Marrying the man of my dreams in what turned out to be my dream wedding!  Today I'm sharing the details of our ceremony, perhaps my favorite part of the day.  

It was a Catholic ceremony, and not the short version.  We opted for a full Catholic mass in our very own church, surrounded by family and friends, most of whom understand our faith and traditions.  At first I felt guilty and was pre-apologizing to our guests about what would be a lengthy, prayer-filled hour.  But then I realized, I'm the bride bi*ch and it's MY wedding and honestly, having my marriage recognized by my faith and fulfilling this sacrament was important to me.  So we did it.  And it was beautiful by the way.  The only time I felt a little awkward was the few minutes we stood in front of the Blessed Mother Statue during the Ave Maria, and all I could picture was Rob Schneider down on one knee.  (Grownups?? Anyone??)  

The ceremony took place at St. Augustine Church in Elkridge, Maryland at 11 o'clock in the morning.  I'm an early bird if you can't tell ;)  My husband's priest from high school (yes, he was once a nice little catholic school boy) married us, which made it all the more special, as all of his closest boys stood by his side.  You've met my girls before, so I'll spare you the introduction.

Even better, the photos turned out great and I am so excited to share them with you today!  

Outside the church with my girls, pre ceremony!

My nervous lover and his brothers looking on as he waits for me to walk down the aisle!

My Mori Lee gown that I love, love, LOVE!

You can't beat a gorgeous church.

I can't stop smiling...

With all of his boys and their priest from high school, who married us!  So special!

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