The Cutest Mugs on the Block

You know you're old when....

you develop a sudden obsession with regular household items like decorative napkins, salt and pepper  shakers, and MUGS!  Ok, I'm not sure if I'm old or if mugs are just kind of in right now but I'm ready to add to my collection and secretly hoping that one will end up in my Christmas stocking.  In fact, I flat out refused to register for or buy any dish sets that came with mugs when we got our house because who wants matching plain old mugs?  Opening that cupboard door and getting to choose the mug of the day is seriously something I look forward to on the weekends, and yes, I do peruse the entire collection before making my final choice.  Depends what I'm in the mood for.  

Looking for some of the cutest mugs on the market?  You came to the right place.  Check out these sites for the best and most adorable bits of inspiration that any woman will love!  No, she's not going to ask you for a mug (because that's nerdy) but she does want one ;)

"You're doing a great Job"

"Jimgle Juice!" and "good morning dollface"

"Start the day with coffee and end it with champagne"

"Eat Blog Love"

"Oh What Fun"

Which is your favorite?  Or more importantly, what shops do you know that I don't know?  ;)  Here's to enjoying some quality PSLs and hot chocolate with Bailey's in our favorite seasonal mugs!  

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  1. These are all super cute. I like the Eat Blog Love one the best I think, but they're all adorable :)

  2. I have so many mugs - you know, the ones that match the plates - and then the random ones we have collected over the years - and I think - I need to purge the ones that goes with the plates, and get more CUTE ones. hehehehe

  3. I love cute mugs--its a little obsession of mine :) these are all adorable!