Meal Prep Mania: What Will You Need?

Super pumped to be starting a new challenge group next week and getting set up for a week of success!  Who else is ready to say a week from now that you are closer to your goals, feeling energized and ready to rock your fall outfits with confidence?  

Although you can do this in literally any situation, there a few things I recommend to make the whole meal prep thing a bit easier.  Or at least look better ;)

1. Meal Prep Containers!  Let me tell you how my tupperware drawer has become my absolute arch nemesis.  Soooo many different sizes, shapes, types, colors, and none of them ever seem to sit inside of one another properly.  I've dealt with this for years because i can't logically bring myself to throw away perfectly good tupperware, but motivated by the challenge group, I decided that my sanity is worth doing just that.  Going to invest in something more uniform, like these, to make storage easier and packing more uniform.  So go ahead and get yourself a set if you're like me and can't stand the mismatched disorganization. lol 

2. A crock pot! Meal prep is all about mass making food in the beginning so you don't have to do anything else throughout the week.  The crock pot has become my go to when it comes to fixing up a huge supply that can easily be divided out at the end of the day.  This week I plan to make shredded chicken in it for burrito bowl lunches.  Hopefully everyone has one, but if not, I highly recommend it. 

3. Water.  I didn't necessarily write it into the meal plan, but be prepared to carry it around with you throughout the day.  Many of my teammates swear by Swell bottles, but I am a total weirdo who prefers my water at room temperature, so I go through about a million of the plastic bottles a week.  I know, it's probably terrible for the environment but I am good in other ways so cut me some slack, ok? 

4. Plenty of sandwich bags!  Prepping is going to require a lot of pre-packaging, pre-slicing, and pre-storing, so I go through a ton of bags too.  Grab a box to make sure you're supplied.  

5. A protein supplement.  Naturally I am going to use this as a Shakeology plug because it is my supplement of choice and just an overall superior product.  But even if you are not drinking Shakeology, I still recommend investing in some sort of whey protein or protein blend.  You're not going to get all of the same benefits as you will with Shakeology, and it probably won't satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will certainly benefit you more than not using a supplement at all.   

For more amazing products and ideas, check out my previous post - Must Haves for the Fit Teacher!  And as always, be sure to reach out if you would like to be added to the group!  Challenge is currently running on Facebook, so feel free to go check it out! xo 

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