Beer Exchange and Holiday Bar Crawl

It was a great little weekend, full of friends and holiday cheer!

On Friday night we attended a beer exchange party.  It's the same idea as a cookie exchange, only you bring a case of your favorite holiday craft beer and everyone exchanges, so you get to go home with a bunch of different kinds.  There were 12 couples at the party, so we took home 12, and the rest we all put in a cooler to drink at the party!  Way better than a cookie exchange if I do say so myself! 

The beer we brought: Long Trail Sick Day IPA
Each case of beer gets labeled with a number that coincides with an ipad beer list, and also makes it easier to grab your beers to take home!

It's pretty serious!

Mr. Handsome! 

On Saturday we joined some friends in my hometown for an old fashioned bar crawl.  We dressed up.  Just because.  It felt fabulous.  Unfortunately it was pouring rain the entire night so we didn't really get to enjoy the lights and carolers along the street as I had originally hoped, but you can't have it all I suppose.  We made it to dinner, plus six bars!  I hope this will be a yearly tradition, only better weather next time! :)

Now here I am, struggling through this Monday, but looking forward to the rest of this festive month!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. What?!?! A beer exchange....holy shit you're genius!!! You should link this up with our Thursty Thursday linkup. This is amazing!!!

  2. We do this beer exchange with coworkers! It's so much fun!

  3. I did a wine exchange with some girl friends this weekend so I love the idea of the beer exchange!!
    Who doesn't like a good holiday-timed bar crawl?? Sounds like a lot of fun so I understand why you were struggling yesterday! Hope you're all caught up on rest today!

  4. a beer exchange sounds fantastic! Looks like too much fun!

  5. Beer exchange?! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

    And 6 bars? You guys are pros!