The Gym vs. Kids Dilemma: My Plan for 2018

Who has fit goals for the new year??!!  Me me me me me!!!!!  Ok I'm not saying I'm going completely overboard crazy here, but trying to make healthier choices and get back into an exercise routine that is sure to get my energy up and my spirit even higher.  I remember the days when I used to make gym time a priority every single day.  It was part of the routine and I honestly thought it would always stay that way.  Enter two toddlers who need me at their every beckoned call and well, things aren't exactly as they used to be.

Do Epic Sh*t in 2018

Well, the holidays are over and it's time to look ahead to 2018!  What will you do differently?  How will you grow and change?  For many it's probably a health goal... dropping a certain number of pounds or embracing new diet habits.  I'm no exception to the trend, as I got some new booty bands and a sweet new supplement stash as part of my holiday gifting.  But let me ask you a deeper question... is it REALLY all about the weight or appearance?? 

When you establish healthy habits, be it exercise, diet, or both, the psychological benefits far outweigh the physical in my experience.  Something happens to your confidence levels.  You suddenly become more productive.  Your bucket is filling and you have more to give to your family, your friends, you career.  You find it easier to connect with the higher frequencies of the universe that have lately been evading you.  It's a strange concept, but it's one that's never failed me.  

That's why this year I'm taking a holistic approach to life.  Yes, I have fitness goals.  Yes, I want to make some healthy changes.  But more than that, I want those goals to contribute to my ultimate goal which is a happy and fulfilled life where I am experiencing quality relationships with my family and friends and fulfilling my life's purpose.  

Instead of "I'll be happy when I lose 10 pounds", it's "I want to feel accomplished and productive every single day, and exercise helps me to do that."

Instead of "I'm eating only according to the diet plan", it's "I'm eating in a way that nurtures me and helps me to reach my full potential."

Instead of "I'm going to church every Sunday", it's "I'm going to trust completely in the goodness of the Lord and live my life accordingly."

It's a simple concept but one that can so easily go off course.  I know this first hand as well ;)   I'm talking about LIFE BALANCE and it's the the most important skill to learn in the pursuit of an EPIC YEAR.  It's not going to be easy and it's going to take some serious resolution... but it's something that's so important to me that I want to dedicate my entire 2018 to it.  Won't you join me in making this your BEST YEAR YET?!? 

I invite you to become a part of the private group that is ready to move mountains.  We are overcoming challenges and coming into the BEST version of ourselves.  We're done with the B.S. that's been holding us back in life and propelling forward, ready to embrace our inner greatness and the many blessings to come!  If this sounds like you, don't wait another minute! Let's link arms and get ready for a year of crazy growth.  Destiny is calling and I am SO excited to meet it!  

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Teacher Gifts Simplified!

Let's talk teacher gifts.  What do they REALLY want?? As a former teacher let me break this down for you plain and simple:  WE DON'T WANT CANDY.  Ok, maybe a little candy, but seriously a huge mug full of Hershey Kisses is a sweet gesture that also makes me sigh in disappointment as I think about the health shake that is likely also sitting on my desk.  So just make sure you know your teacher before you go that route.  If you want to go the route thats sure to be a hit, let's talk about a few items you really can't go wrong with. 

1. Magnets.  Like a cute one that is memorable that they can display all year round.  Any desk I've ever had is completely metal the entire way around and there is a ton of open space just screaming for decoration.  I remember one of my first years one of my students got me a big Steelers magnet which I have taken with me to every school and is always a conversation starter, not to mention a fun game for Ravens fans who think it's funny to hide it elsewhere in my room and cover the logo lol.  Anyway, it's a great reminder of your child that the teacher can take with them AND something the child will see on her desk every day and say "hey, I got her that!"  

I also found this adorable magnet on Amazon that I thought would be fun for the kids during the season too! (click photo)

2. Lip Balm.  Elementary school teachers (at least where I taught) spend a good chunk of the day braving the elements outdoors.  Recess only gets cancelled if it's below a severe windchill factor and I definitely spent the entire winter dreading it and shivering the entire time begging for it to be time to go in.  Morning and afternoon duty (getting kids on and off of busses) has no mercy no matter what the weather.  LipSense Lip Balm is a totally healthy solution for lip hydration that is sure to get a ton of use throughout the winter.  Not to mention, it's all the rage in teacher circles right now.  And at $20 a pop, it's definitely a doable and very appreciated gift. 

3. Glitter gloss.  Identical to said reasons above, the gloss is also super moisturizing and adds the additional perk of girly sparkle.  Depending on who your teacher is, you might see her loving something like this, especially with a note like "you put the sparkle in my season" to go with it! ;)

If you go with either of these, be sure to print off these adorable little tags to attach and your gift is done!

4. Your family's Christmas card.  Seriously.  I LOVE seeing my students with their families at home.  I love how they show me who each person is and how proud they are when they see me pin it to my board.  I honestly have personal family cards from like 6 years ago that I'm still holding onto because it's a great memory of the kids I loved and miss. I keep them in my desk and smile when they cross my path.  Just a thought of something to throw in as you get your goodies together. 

5. Gift cards to Dunkin, Starbucks, or Target.  Ok, maybe it's not the most original idea on the block but I can assure you it's done and done again for a reason.  Teachers use them and its a really nice gesture to treat them with a hot delicious coffee on the way to a long day at school.  And well, Target is Target so you can't go wrong with that.  (And btw, they are 10% off on Sunday!) 

I hope these ideas helped and please feel free to join my group for the hookup on balms and glosses.  Continue this convo in comments with the favorite teacher gifts you have given or received! xo 

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