Your Cold/Flu/RSV Season Survival Kit

I can't even believe I'm writing this, but the winter "ick" has hit our house AGAIN and we are spending our days watching movies, drinking liquids and sleeping as much as possible in an attempt to wait out this virus in the greatest of ease.  Since it seems this is a  recurring thing this year for all of us, I thought I would share my go-to products when sickness hits.  Hopefully you won't need to use this, but just incase you find yourself in a similar situation this year...

Antioxidant shots.  These are best used when you feel something coming on or when you know you are around someone else who is sick, but even when I've missed my window and am already out for the count, these undoubtedly make me feel better even if in the short term and I believe shorten the duration of my symptoms.  Directions say once a day for daily use, but if using as a remedy, feel free to double or triple up until symptoms subside.  

CleanTox tea.  I know how important it is to keep the water flowing when recovering from a respiratory illness.  I also know how painful drinking a cool glass water often feels on my throat and is thus discourages me from doing even what I know is right.  CleanTox tea feels good on my throat with the added benefit of peppermint and licorice root to calm my queasy stomach. 

GutHealth.  Yes I know it's the answer to everything, but they say 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.  It only makes sense to continue making it first priority!

TrueSport Hydration.  With fevers blazing and congestion building, plain water is just not going to be enough to keep the fam hydrated.  This tropical berry flavor is kid friendly and a great clean alternative to Gatorade or Powerade. 

Of course, I must add that I am NOT a doctor and any and all recommendations are based on my own personal experiences of what has worked for me.  You can view all of the recommendations here!  Here's to less sick days and more healthy ones ahead!