Five 90's Fashions I'm Excited to Wear Again

These recent IG posts from Tiger Mist Boutique... oh my word.  If these looks are not straight out of 1992, I don’t know what is.  I’m not sure if I’ve been living under a rock, but the speed at which these early 90’s fashions have been rushing back to stores is shocking me.   And to make me feel even more like I’m at a theme party, Opposites Attract and Straight Up Now Tell Me have been blaring in Charlotte Russe the past 2 times I’ve gone in.  It’s now that I’m finally kicking myself for not accepting the trash bags full of hand me downs from my oder cousins, for I would surely have on my hands a goldmine of spring fashions had I kept them.  

Although I can’t say I’m ready for every flashback trend I see (the fuzzy crop, the combat boot inspired shoes... nope. sorry.), there are plenty of 90’s styles that I am secretly so friggin excited to see back on the scene.  

From Charlotte Russe
1. Skater skirts.  The ultimate girly look and super summery if I do say so myself.  Gotta make sure those legs are in tip top shape for this one!
2.Floral.  With all of the colors in these floral prints, you can’t wear it without oozing happiness.

Also from Char
3. Side tie shirts.  My friends know that I refused to wear to a full length shirt in my younger years.  And although my stomach isn’t quite what it used to be, I’m game to give it a go for one more round.

From White Plum
4. Palazzo pants.  Ok, I don’t think I ever actually owned a pair of these, but I do think some of the prints are super cute.  Unfortunately I 100% see that these could be a trend that only girls can appreciate and my fiance will despise.  I could be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet on it.

From Dana Bands
5.Flower headbands.  Remember all the headbands you had when you were younger with bows, ribbons, and other interesting crustaceans coming off the side.  Well, they’re back, and I’m ok with it.  Maybe just a slightly more mature version this time ;) 

What were your favorite 90’s styles and what do you see yourself wearing again?  

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  1. Great post!!! It's so funny how quick the trends are coming back!! And I'm with you--I wish I would have saved the hundreds of pieces of clothing from 20 years ago...I would be in wardrobe heaven!!!!!

    Great blog, new follower here :)

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  2. I agree my husband would probably laugh me right out of the house if I was going out in palazzo pants! They look so freakin' comfy though. First time visitor, love it! Have a great weekend.

    1. You too! I know I get so sad when theres something I think is super stylish and he hates it! haha

  3. Gotta try palazzo pants lol!
    I loved the black fedora hats!!

    1. I know I need a pair too! I'll just get one cheap pair to try and see if the fiance says anything lol

  4. Oh I love this post and am super excited myself to accept all of these back in again lol! I personally am a huge fan of the 80s rocker chic :) but I do love these girly trends, esp the palazzo pants!!! I got myself a pair at argot the other day and if you haven't gone there to check out some of these things you so should! Great post!

    1. Thanks girl! I think I'm most excited about side tying my shirt up again!


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