The Gym vs. Kids Dilemma: My Plan for 2018

Who has fit goals for the new year??!!  Me me me me me!!!!!  Ok I'm not saying I'm going completely overboard crazy here, but trying to make healthier choices and get back into an exercise routine that is sure to get my energy up and my spirit even higher.  I remember the days when I used to make gym time a priority every single day.  It was part of the routine and I honestly thought it would always stay that way.  Enter two toddlers who need me at their every beckoned call and well, things aren't exactly as they used to be.

At first, I purposefully stopped going to the gym altogether because after putting them in daycare for 10 hours a day so I could go to work, I simply refused to be apart from them any longer than was necessary even if it meant giving up my personal therapy of choice.  I started working out in the basement here and there when I could sneak it in, but ultimately the time with the kids was so limited that when I had it, it trumped all other priorities.  And I'm perfectly ok with that too.

Now things have changed.  I finally (after years of working and grinding to figure it out) have left the 8-5 for a SAHM life.  I still have "work" to do, but I can hardly call it that.  For when you're working to better the lives of your own precious little peanuts, it's a pretty simple task.  I could go down the list of things I "have" to do and act like it's hard, but in comparison, that would be a lie to say the least.  Anyway, my point is, I'm now faced with some options.  We can go to the gym OR we can stay home.  And as always, one dilemma is replaced by another, this time being the fact that while I CAN go to the gym every day if I want to, the kids are less than impressed with their trek to the daycare room, at least if I start overstaying my welcome.  It's a delicate balance keeping a place interesting and exciting without overdoing it to the point that it's not cool anymore. So, after some mental debate and test runs, I've decided that twice a week is probably our sweet spot for now.  That will give me one day for upper body exercises and one day for lower body exercises on the machines each week.  A good place to start and remind myself of the routines I once fell in love with.

On the other days, I'm definitely still utilizing my basement exercise space.  I still love my Beachbody On Demand and I'll be doing that 3 times a week in the mornings.  What I am really excited to get into is the new 80 Day Obsession, but that doesn't launch until mid January so I'll be reverting to some of my tried and true favorites until then.  No, I'm not a Beachbody Coach anymore but I can recommend a really great one here and here if you want to guarantee an awesome experience like I've had with it.

Finally, another resolution in my New Years fit goals is to take time to freaking stretch.  I've never been a flexible person, which for some reason people find shocking, but have gone from stretching constantly as a professional cheerleader to I can barely touch my own toes because it's been nowhere on my priority list for what?  A decade?  So I guess you can say I'm moving it up a notch.

Anyway, enough about me, let's get YOUR plan in the books.  I'm sharing mine because I thought it might be of use, but please know that there are MANY ways to go about reaching your goals.  I just personally know myself and what I will actually see through, so this is what's on my docket and yours may look totally different.  The key is finding opportunities to move and actually liking it, or at least liking the feeling afterwards.  So how about you??

Pictured here is MY plan but you can make your own copy of the template and insert your OWN exercise plan!  Either print and write it in OR you can open in Google docs, make a copy, and edit it on your computer like I did.  Feel free to message me if you need any help!  Just a few days left 'til 2018 and we're going to start it off right! xo

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