Before You Start Your Monday...

Before you start your Monday, I want to remind you that you're a great person.  I'm sure you have a few challenges facing you this week, or things you're not exactly looking forward to, but know you can get through it.  You always do. And the weekend will come again just like clockwork.  It always does.  

Remember to take any criticisms or negativity with a grain of salt.  Do the best you can, but don't let your job define you.  You are a child of God (or whatever you believe in) and you are not any less or any more than any of your colleagues, including bosses.  

Remember that no matter what tasks are on the table, showing kindness and compassion is the most important thing, and if you've done that, you cannot fail.  You are a good person.  Be your true authentic self and feel good about the things you are doing.  In the grand scheme of life, scores and data are not what matters.  It's not going to make the world a better place.  Spreading a message of positivity is what will make the world a better place.  Don't get distracted from that, okay?  

Remember how lucky you are.  Maybe you have the family of your dreams.  Maybe you have some great friends.  Maybe you have the cutest and most loyal pets on the planet.  I bet they're all counting on you.  They're counting on you in so many ways, but they too could care less if you make it to the top of the food chain.  They like you the way you are the best, because you're a good person.  And don't you forget it.

I myself, am not going to work today.  I'm taking my two baby girls to a doctor appointment in the city, because one of them needs to go and therefore we all must go.  It's easy because I'm caring for people I truly, deeply love.  I know that not all jobs, probably most, are not like that, and that once I go back to work I'll be doing the Sunday night sulk like you wouldn't believe.  So I'm writing this down now to remind myself, and you, that everything will be okay.  Have confidence in yourself and how amazing you are.  It's true!  And the more people who realize this, the more people who see it in others, the better this world is going to be.  Go get 'em Monday...

Bella And The City

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  1. Uplifting post! Definitely needed it.... hope the girls appointment goes well!

  2. This is such an excellent post, sweet girl!