New Month, New Goals... and a whole lot of Snuggles

Happy Friday and Welcome October!  It's a new month full of promise and possibilities and I'm excited for so many upcoming things!  I'm also beginning to experience the anxiousness that is the end of my maternity leave, but let's ignore that part for now... ;)

First off, the twins turned 3 months old.  THREE MONTHS!!! I can't believe it.  Time is going by so fast and they are growing like weeds.  Getting to spend my days with them has been beyond awesome and allowed me to get in touch with the things that truly matter to me.  Gosh I love them.  Now check out how photogenic we are... bahahahaha.

I also put out my fall decorations this week.  Once I started to take them out of the box, I realized they are more along the lines of Thanksgiving than Halloween, but whatever.  I'm putting them out anyway.


Birth announcements came today!  I ordered them from Simply to Impress because it was significantly cheaper than a lot of other sites and was pleasantly surprised.  They seem to be pretty high quality and came in this gorgeous box!  Not that the box matters.  But I do enjoy some quality packaging.

I started drinking Shakeology on the regular.  I've seen the stuff for years but for some reason was against any type of pre-made, over marketed shake programs.  OMG you guys.... it's REALLY delicious!!  I was truly expecting it to taste like a typical chocolate whey protein mix but no.  It tastes like actual chocolate.  I don't need to doctor it up with bananas and peanut butter (although I could) and other non-healthy deliciousness to mask the taste.  Now I understand why people rave about it.  Because you can actually drink it instead of holding your breath and chugging the whole dang thing to get it down (as I used to do with the regular whey).  So far I'd say it's worth it!  Have you tried it yet?  What did you think?

Finally, I had grand plans of getting much accomplished this Friday and have suddenly found 4:30 pm come upon me like it may as will be 10 am.  Perhaps it's the fact that the sun never came out, or the drop in temps that has left me feeling a little stiff and chilled, but loving on my peanuts has suddenly become the priority today, and I'm 100% ok with that.  Because if you're not doing it with the purpose of loving, then why the hell are you doing it?  You know what I mean? Every dish that is washed, every decoration put out, every dollar earned... I'm doing it because I want to create the best life that I can for myself and my family... and right now, snuggling is all they care to notice.  So that's that.  Snuggling it is.  

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  1. Your twins are so cute!!! Snuggling should always be a priority:) And I love your fall decorations!


  2. My fall decorations are the same - mostly Harvest/Thanksgiving than Halloween, and I'm ok with that :) You're look great! I really like the banner on the fireplace. And those twins pics! So adorable! Thanks for linking up with us over at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Awww! The twins are so cute! Love the birth announcements too! I hope your transition of going back to work is going well!