Goin' Green 2014!

Whoever invented St. Patrick’s Day, I thank you.  I seriously love this holiday and for more reasons than one.  First, it’s the  perfect excuse to get together for drinks and celebration with friends, yet there is no reason to buy gifts for anyone.  You won’t go broke over this holiday, but you will have tons of fun and have plenty of photo ops.

Second, it comes with a built in dress up theme that can be easily participated in.  No serious planning or scouring the shelves at Walmart like you would for Halloween or the holiday “ugly sweater” events.  It’s just a color, and something everyone can snap together in a pinch!  

Third, it signals the beginning of spring.  Ok, it may or may not be snowing outside my window right now (Don’t look. If you don’t see it, it’s not there.), but at least I can count on things beginning to warm up sometime in the near future.  There is always a hint of it in the air on St. Patrick’s Day.  The air that makes me wonder for one second- do I really still need this winter jacket?  And often this is the first weekend that I end up leaving it behind. 

Fourth, Irish drinking music.  Dancing jigs.  You know you love it too.  

Anyway, I was starting to worry that the season of St. Paddy’s Day celebrating would pass me without partaking, but alas on Saturday night we were finally able to get out in our green!  We partied it up at McGerks in Baltimore with a ton of our favorite pals, renewing my motivation to get through another week and to start working out again too.  I was actually sore on Sunday from all of the dancing we did, so I decided I can probably gym it up by now too ;) 

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Can’t wait to see all the photos being posted! Linked up at Funday Monday and Monday Morning Gossip so check 'em out for more like this!

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  1. Visiting from the linkup -- love your optimism! Just a little bit longer until spring shows up, right?

  2. I've never gone out celebrating for St. Pat's day. However, you make some pretty good points. I'm just the fuddy dud that may just put a stick on her shirt that has some green in it. lol. Looks like fun, though.

  3. LOVE St. Patrick's Day! I had a horrible cold over the weekend and couldn't bring myself to go out, so I missed out - I was so upset. Looks like you had fun!

  4. Looks like fun! I haven't been sore from a night of dancing in ages... makes me miss it! :)