Staying Fit After 30: Diet Counts!

I’ll be honest here.  The past two weeks have been positively lackluster when it comes to keeping up with a workout routine.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve felt like I’m working toward a million goals this week, yet can’t quite find success in any one of them.  Fitness is one of those goals, and I’ll be darned if I let this goal slip away.  After all, I have a wedding honeymoon to look sexy for and a soon-to-be new husband to impress.  Can’t let him think I’m getting married and letting myself go!  

Luckily I’ve been packing mostly clean, healthy lunches and making healthier decisions the rest of the time too.  Now, I did have Chick-fil-a yesterday and a doughnut this morning so it’s not ALLLL clean by any means, but making those healthy switches at least half of the time seems to be keeping me from losing much previous progress.  I plan to continue this healthy trend as much as I can.  And I pray to God this diet works because it sure as heck ain’t delicious.  I sort of force my lunch down my throat some days, but I’ll admit, it feels good to have zero guilt afterwards.  

So, I guess my challenge this week centers around diet.  Choose one meal of the day (I chose lunch) and make sure it’s clean every time. For me, I pack my lunch so this was an easy choice to keep up with.  I believe that the more I eat cleanly, the more motivated I will be to make healthy choices at other times too.  At least that is the theory in my mind ;)  

What meal will you choose to eat cleanly?  Do you have a favorite healthy meal?  I can’t wait to see how this diet effects my body, especially if I can keep my workouts consistent!  Good luck everyone.  Summer is only a few months away!

Weeks 8&9 Rules in a Nutshell
Replace 1 meal a day with a clean one.
Keep exercising when you can! 
Drink water.

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  1. Since turning 30 I cannot eat the same way anymore :( But clean eating has helped maintain my weight AND make me feel better. Which honestly, is starting to be a bigger motivator than anything. I didn't realize how sluggish certain foods would make you feel (namely processed foods!)

    1. Thanks for the insight! Can't wait to get in more of a pattern with healthy eating and feel the same results!

  2. great advice! I am having a hard time eating healthy now that I'm around my pantry way more than I should be :( I hope I look half as awesome as you do "past 30"
    new follower Raspy Wit

    1. Lol I understand. I try to completely pass up the junk food at the grocery store so it's not an option at home, but at school, when presented with a box of doughnuts, I just can't say no!