Hello Mid-life!

Get to know me....

Hi, I’m 30  32.  Childless. Husbandless.  (so far...) And by far in the happiest part of my life to date.  I love both exercise and ice cream.  I am all about keeping a life/work balance and making FUN a priority!  I am hopelessly devoted to my husband.  I’m still obsessed with mini skirts and crop tops and believe that hair ribbons should be outlawed after high school.  Most of all, I’m determined to keep myself looking and feeling great into the next decade.

Get to know my blog...

So, "thirty is the new 20" huh?  That’s what I’ve been hearing lately and want so desperately to believe.  After all, I’ve somehow let my 20’s slip by without accomplishing much on my list of personal goals (find a husband, start my family, build up a decent savings account, etc.).  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t exactly resting on my laurels.  I was busy.  My twenties resume includes:

  • Building a pretty impressive cheer resume which included cheering on a pretty well known Super Bowl team and traveling to the Middle East to tour with USO.  
  • Head Coach of a very successful high school and college team before the age of 25.  It truly was my life, my world, and those kids were the center of my universe.  
  • Got a Master’s Degree while working AND coaching.  No wonder I was insane and needed to be medicated.
  • Had a rich selection of dating experiences of which I should have written a book long ago.  More on that later.

Yet here it is.  30.  Thirty!  What?! After an amazing birthday and a few weeks of mid-life crisis breakdown, I suddenly realized... 30 is kinda awesome. Life is more than ok.  In fact, I was shocked to discover that 30 is totally... 

(wait for it)... 

NOT the new 20!!  [GASP!] I know, I know.  I’m going against my own mantra,  a hypocrite in my first post.  But it’s not.  It’s better.  Think about yourself at twenty--the uncertainty, the walks of shame, the inevitable battles of having all girl roommates, the Rikaloff shots followed by nights on a bathroom floor with your head in a toilet. Those days are done.  We’ve moved up a step.  I live in a cozy space I am proud of with a man I love.  I can get drunk consistently without crossing into wasted.  I have stability, a plan, and a good bottle of vodka should I have an occasion to drink it. 

I'm dedicated to making my thirties the best years yet.  Stay young at heart.  Enjoy life to the fullest.  Keep up looking and feeling my best.  Ok 30, I'm ready for you.  Let's do this! 

Still wondering why I'm doing this?
I'll tell you here.


  1. Hi there, stumbled on your blog from the Five on Friday link up and am so glad I did! This is great. I'm turning 30 this summer and I believe it's going to be the best decade yet!! I'll be following you on Bloglovin... Happy weekend!

    1. It will be, you'll see! Thanks for following! ;)