"No Makeup" Makeup ;)

Naturally glowing skin.  We all want it.  And in my 30s, I’ve found it harder and harder to achieve.  I’m actually skeptical of girls that do.  You know, the ones posting flawless selfies with #nomakeup and #nofilter.  Really?  STFU.  You did NOT wake up in that condition.  Don’t care what anybody says.

I don’t like wearing makeup ALL the time either.  I teach third grade and I’m pretty sure my 8-year-olds don’t care if my full face is on. In summer, when I might run errands, go to the pool, and go out at night, I have no desire (or $ for that matter) to apply it multiple times a day.  I needed a solution.  Found.

These are the only things you will need:

I started using Garnier B.B. Cream ($11.99 at Target) instead of foundation on a daily basis. It works because...
    1. It’s tinted.  It gives my pale skin a little color and because it’s thick, I feel covered.  I use the Light/Medium tint, but it also comes in Medium/Dark.
    2. Sun protection! SPF 20.  The most proven anti-aging ingredient there is.  Nuff said.  
    3. It’s a moisturizing cream so it’s pretty much a one stop shop.  I don’t have to put any other product on my face.  Saves time and money.

Besides the cream, I do use just 2 other makeup products on the regular.  Next, I brush a little bronzer on my cheeks for added glow. (I use Bare Escentials)

Finally, I apply mascara.  I never miss this step, mainly because my eyelashes are so blonde and I feel my face looks washed out without it.  If they were dark, I probably wouldn’t bother.  I’m still hunting for a great mascara though.  Suggestions anyone?  


  1. Mascara is the only thing I have ever worn consistently. I'll have to look into that B.B. Cream, though. I've never learned how to wear makeup, but have recently started to take more care of my skin as I spend more time outside. I use Avon products. My mom has sworn by them since I was a little girl, so I became a rep to get her discounts. They're really good quality (my fiancé thinks so, too). They also just came out with a brand new mascara design that you may want to try. I was a loyal, like would never ever think to buy anything else, L'Oreal gal, but tried the new Avon mascara and was pretty impressed. I've received lots of compliments from strangers, too. Here's a link to it: http://shop.avon.com/product.aspx?newdept=&s=CorpAd&c=repPWP&otc=C1813MegaEffMasc&bnd=&pf_id=48524&level1_id=300&level2_id=301&pdept_id=312&dept_id=38 Use the code COUNTDOWN to get free shipping on an order of $10 or more if you'd like! Let me know what other mascara you find to work well!