What IS Shakeology??

I already know.  I won't shut up about it.  It's borderline annoying the way I'm blasting your newsfeed with sunshine and Shakeo.  You want to hate it, but you sort of love it.  Though you may not be willing to admit it yet.  And amidst the confusion, the main thing going through your mind is what is up with this effing Shakeology?  It's come to my attention while speaking to a few people recently that while I'm telling you how much I love it, you don't really get it.  Somehow much of the public has this idea that Shakeology is either a cure all weight loss plan or a phony gimmick.  Either of which are not worth spending any money on.    I don't blame you.

So I think it's important that we discuss, and discard, any slang terms for Shakeology.

Gimmick:  Nope.  Get rid of it.  Shakeology is not meant simply to stir up profits or business.  It is meant to help people on their way to a healthy lifestyle.  It is basically your protein shake and multivitamin all rolled into one, with added phytonutrients, pre and probiotics, fiber, and herbs specifically chosen for optimal nutrition.  There's a reason people stick with it.  Because it's a great product.  And it's not going anywhere.  

Diet: Nope.  Not that either.  It's simply a supplement, which CAN be used as a meal replacement, but thats only assuming you're consuming many small meals and snacks along the way.  It is not a diet all on its own and must be accompanied by fresh produce, lean proteins, and regular exercise to see results.  There are no short cuts.  

Cure:  Nah. It's not going to cure you of any diseases, pains, or obesity. What it WILL do is support a healthy immune system, blood sugar levels, skin, hair, and nails, and help to protect you against free radical damage.  So in a roundabout way, yeah, I guess it could be like a cure... for the crap that just sitting in your body right now waiting to get out.  It's just downright good nutrition, in a simple to mix, no cooking required form.  

As you can see, I'm sort of a fan of the stuff.  And I would LOVE to share the benefits with you!  Hit me up with questions, concerns, or to figure out which formula is right for you.  I wouldn't promote a product I don't believe in.  And in this one I definitely do! So, I'm sorry if you want the Shakeology craze to disappear, but I'll get you my pretties... and your little friends too! ;)  

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