Two Week Detox Challenge!

In this program, we harness the power of nutrition to improve ALL areas of health!  You can expect to experience...

Natural, healthy weight loss
Improved sleep
Increased energy
Clearer skin
Mental clarity
Relief from anxiety/depression
Blood sugar regulation
Relief from headaches/nausea
No more digestive issues
Relief from aches and pains
And so much more! 


In these two weeks, you will learn the methods to MAINTAIN a healthy LIFE.  This is not a quick fix or a cure all shake - just good solid nutrition aimed to eliminate toxins in the body and improve alkalinity.  Here are examples of real people who are doing it! 



What is it?
The goals of this program are to effectively kickstart toxin elimination in the body, improve gut health, and establish healthy routines that you can carry with you throughout a lifetime. By the end of two weeks, you will be feeling noticeably better - increased energy, better sleep, mental clarity - and you will be starting to SEE visible results too!

What's included?

You will be provided 30 meal replacement shakes (2 for each day, plus plenty of extra), 30 servings of my favorite digestion support supplement, 30 energy boosting vitamin packed "fizz" drinks, 30 servings of Greens Balance AND a free gift from me! Yes, you will still have plenty of products left over after the 2 weeks to continue using even after the Fourth. This is literally JAM PACKED with value!

Do I have to give anything up?

I DO ask that you consciously cut back on dairy and gluten during these two weeks. Don't worry, I will give you plenty of meal and snack recipes to make this as easy as possible. In addition, I ask you to LIMIT coffee, alcohol, and added sugars. We can discuss more about what this might mean for you, but my goal is to help you see results and you do that through changes in routine, so we're going to have to start somewhere.

What's the cost?

The cost is $152.80, plus a one time $29 signup fee if you are a new client. You will also continue to receive a 20% discount, free shipping, and qualify for free products throughout the entire year!

Ready to give it a go? Contact me to get started!
IG: @michelle.nunn

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