What to do when you can't exercise

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've been in a bit of a funk.  There's a lot of potential reasons... winter blues, financial stress, terrible two tantrums, some mild health issues... but one underlying fact remains.  And if I follow the patterns of anxiety in my life, I can pretty accurately trace them back to one common theme... a failure to exercise as part of my daily routine.  Now before you go assuming that I've just fallen off the wagon, trust me, this was not per my own decision making.  I had to have a growing lump (called a lipoma if you really wanna know) removed from my back and the incision is quite sizeable, thus I've been advised not to any type of exercise for several weeks.  No stretching, no walking, no lifting.  Not even my own toddlers who seem to be going through some withdrawl of their own.

While I certainly can't tell you that I've found a replacement for my lost endorphins, I can certainly give you a rundown of things that seem to be helping, or at least getting me through this phase of inactivity.  So go ahead and save this for a rainy day when you find yourself laid up and unable to follow through on your own fitness plans!

1. A daily protein supplement.  Ok, I guess this is an everyday thing, especially WHEN I'm exercising, but my point is, don't skip out.  I'll admit my diet inspiration is certainly lackluster on days that I can't exercise, but as long as I still get this in, I know I'm not falling too far behind.  My goal is to get jump back in with a vengeance when I get the go ahead, so I don't want to lose all the progress I've already made.

2. A great book.  Personally, my devotional is LIFE and literally prevents me from trying to walk off a cliff when I'm feeling extra starved for happy energy.  Right now I am reading that and The Miracle Morning, which unfortunately will tell you to go exercise, but... I digress...  there ARE some other gems in there to bring a little zest to your day.

3. Adaptogens.  I've been trying these Calm supplements from IdealRaw which are designed to help you relax, reduce daily dress, and promote overall health with extra vitamins and minerals.  Let me be clear, this is not any replacement for a prescribed drug, but I do think it takes some of the edge off.

4. A plan for the future.  Make a vision board.  Get excited about something you've wanted to do but haven't had time to pursue it.  If you're looking for a little help in the planning department, I do have an editable copy of my workout calendar available to use which is basically a blank slate and could easily be used for meal planning as well.  Because I'm a sucker for planners and sh*t.

5. Cozy slippers.  If you're trading in your sneaks for a while, you may as well do it in comfort. ;)

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