Best Swimsuits for Cool Moms

I can't even believe I am doing this in February, but as I sit out on my 80 degree patio today, I can't help but get the itch for all things summer.  Sandals, tanks, sunglasses, a tan... and of course my own personal point of weakness, swimwear.  I know it's ridiculous.  I know I don't need any more.  But when it comes to swimsuits, it's just the one piece of fashion thirst that I can never seem to quench.  I figure every woman has her thing.  Some collect shoes.  Some collect handbags.  I collect swimsuits.  Seems perfectly normal and natural to me.  

Anyway, as I've grown, my tastes and lifestyle have changed.  While I used to swear by Doll and Beach Babe, Target has actually hit the nail on the head for me the past couple of years, leaving me no reason to search elsewhere.  So as I bid farewell to the cheeky bikinis that some have come to know me for, I veer my search in a new direction... the mom suit.  And it turns out these are actually equally as fun!  

If you're also on the hunt for a mom suit that doesn't leave you crying in the dressing room, let me be up front about my style.  I'm not looking for the kind of suit that covers every square inch of my body.  I'm looking for the kind that I can wear around Grandma without blushing but also makes my husband do a double take.  I'm looking for one that my kids can hang onto without fear of indecent exposure, but also sings "Rosie's mom has got it going on" if you know what I mean.  If this is also the look that YOU are going for, read on.  I have the mecca of swimwear (so far) for the 2018 season and I'm revealing my personal choices soon! 

1. This black high neck mesh insert one piece is seriously on fire.  You just cannot go wrong with black and it's a perfect example of a little bit going a long way.  Plus, it's only $24.99 on Amazon.  

2.  Love this plunging neckline, halter straps, and detail at the waist.  You'll find these on Jane so don't wait because stock here rotates regularly.  

3. Totally plain in the front, but this strappy back makes it well worth a mention, and earns it a spot on list of top suits.  You can find this one a Target.... and so let the Target love begin. 

4. This stunning mesh monokini actually looks like a bikini in the back, but is full coverage in the front.  Mesh details give it some pizazz and it's perfect for covering that little "mom pooch" if you so choose to do so.  

5. Another Jane find, this one just makes me think of a pin up model housewife and I believe it comes in additional colors as well! 

6.  There's just something about a plain red suit.  It's definitely sexy, fun, and screaming summer.  My only issue with solid (albeit a big one) is nipples.  Does any one else feel like you can totally see nipple through a solid swimsuit?  And I'm not talking like see through material, I just mean, if it's not 100% smooth, you can totally see a bump there.  And it bothers me.  That being said, I totally bought a solid pink top this year and have decided to be ok with seeing the shape of the padding, but it's just something to consider.  

7. This floral, flirty halter has the cutest ruffle detail and just the right amount of cutout to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion no matter how many kiddos are climbing all over you! 

8. The sole two piece on my list of hot "mom suits"... who says you have to give it up at a certain age??  Definitely NOT this mama and I love the colorful vibe of this specific piece.  I also like a tropical drink in my hand with a little umbrella in it.  I think it would really accessorize this one nicely!

So now I need to know, which of these options are you digging the most?? I already got mine and it's in my possession, but I'm curious about the general consensus so go ahead and vote in comments.  Got another to add?  I'd love to see that too!  Now excuse me while I enjoy this 80 degree day before we're back to winter tomorrow!  

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