Amazon Finds to Perfect the Morning Routine

Mornings... ugh.  Even as a true morning person, as a working mom, the word typically makes me cringe.  Waking up knowing your hectic work day hasn't even begun and you're probably doing it before you're truly ready is hard enough.  Let's make things easy on ourselves and at least make the morning routine something to smile about! Lately I've made a few purchases that although small, have definitely given me a sense of ease and control to start the day.  What are they?? I thought you'd never ask! ;) 

1. Joy Mangano huggable hangers.  If you follow me on Facebook you know I've been gushing, but I'm posting the link here for anyone who missed the memo.  I know it's so bizarre and yes it took me 35 years to decide it was worth it to spend actual money on hangers, but trust me when I tell you it is.  When you wake up in the morning in a grump and walk to your closet to find something to wear, what is the first thing you see?? Nicely displayed organization?  Or a mismatched mess with garments half falling off and you can't find the one thing you were actually looking for?    Don't underestimate the value of an organized closet.  When you use these hangers, the clothes do not fall off, they're super slim and space saving, and everything is at the same level, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.  I prefer a neutral color because it allows attention to stay on the clothes and not the popping color of the hangers, but to each their own and if you want bright pink hangers, I certainly won't judge. 

2. Organized products and makeup.  I literally had my face and makeup products just lying all over the top of my dresser in no particular order and my makeup bag I am pretty sure I got as a freebie back in high school and was still shoving makeup into it, along with old old old products I didn't even remember were in there.  After the hanger revelation, I decided I needed a new makeup pouch as well.  Picked this adorable Scout print and then bought some plastic organizing baskets at Walmart for like $.99  or something like that which keep my face products contained in the bathroom cabinet.  

3.  Pretty brushes.  If I have to put my face on before I'm actually ready to be awake, I'd rather do it with brushes that make me smile a little bit.  Got these pink ones on Amazon for $10 bucks for 14 brushes.  I'll admit I was a little skeptical at the price, but they had good reviews and I have to say I'm very happy with them.  When they first come they will smell like paint, but but the company acknowledges this and when I followed the instructions to simply wash them with shampoo before using, the smell was totally gone.  Not a bad buy!  

Ok, I realize none of these little items should be life changing, but when it comes to getting through your morning and starting your day right, it's the little things that count!  What are the products that help you start your morning?!  Feel free to share in comments below! 

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