First Family Zoo Trip!

Spring Break is here!  I'm so excited and the weather is BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, it doesn't get much better than this, and I plan to take full advantage of a week with my peanuts, and evenings with the hubs.  Yesterday we used our zoo membership for the first time.  I know it will be one of many, but here goes the rundown while it's still new and exciting for the babes!

We started with the walk from the entrance area up to the main zoo area.  There's a shuttle you can take, but with our large double wide stroller, we decided walking was the way to go.   Every once in a while a zoo employee would zoom by us in their golf cart and I have to say, I think the girls may have been more impressed by this than any of the animals.  Every time one passed they pointed and shouted "WOW"!  I guess Daddy's hopes and dreams of raising future golfers is off to a promising start.  Now let's get to the zoo part...

Unfortunately the penguins did not feel like swimming today although we could see them sunbathing on the land part of the exhibit.  Luckily the girls seemed just as impressed by the fact that they could look into the water, even without animals swimming in it.

Next we checked out the ape house, the lions, and giraffe.  The giraffe was the most impressive this trip because we were very close.  You can even feed the giraffe for a small fee!  We didn't feed him this trip because just being this close seemed to be enough for the girls, but it will definitely be on the to do list later in the year.  

Did you know you can buy beer at the zoo and just walk around with it?  Well you can.  See, you can bring your husband and he'll feel right in his comfort zone.  See how easy it is being a dad of twin girls?  Piece of cake.

Finally we walked all through the children's zoo.  We skipped some things that seemed un-stroller friendly or better for big kids but we DID get out to brush the goats.  The animals are super friendly and Ry even got a kiss from one.  Super adorable and perfect for everyone!

Looking forward to many more zoo trips in our future and a summer of adventures to come!  What are your favorite things to do with the kiddos??

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