Target got me like....

So you may know I never used to shop at mainstream stores for swimwear.  They either didn't fit right or just weren't my style.  I was a devout customer of Doll Swimwear and nothing truly fit quite like those suits... until recently and by God, Target, you've done it and you've done it well.  I went and tried on a few tops in store expecting none of them to fit properly and ended up wanting all of them.  Sharing a few of my favorites that I can't wait to show off on the pool deck this summer!

1. I can't say this one was a favorite on the rack, but I fell in love as soon as I tried it on.  A little bit of bright pink and skin to show I've still got it, with a stay put factor a toddler mom can appreciate. 

2. Black.  Classic.  Trendy pattern in the front.  Can't go wrong.  Plus it's a hook in the back rather than a tie.  I always appreciate that because you don't have that annoying knot digging into your back all day in your lounge chair.  It's the little things I suppose. 

3. I actually got this one last year and it's still a go to fave.  Sporty look and also toddler mom appropriate.  Heck, I can probably do flips in this one and it's not going anywhere.  

4. Apparently I have a penchant for animal print this season.  Again, there was no part of me that thought this would look good on, but it shockingly does.  And it's a nice change up from my usual halter styles.

5. I didn't get this one.  I didn't even see it to try on.  I definitely do not need any more swimsuits but I wanted to put it up here to alert the troops about what is available.  Super cute and I love the detail at the bottom.

6. O.M.G.  Again, I didn't even see this one in the store, and I do not need anymore swimwear, but if I see it, it may end up in my collection.  I mean, does it get any more classic and beautiful?  

By the way, if you're loving these tops but don't think you're ready to sport them with confidence, I'd love to invite you to join my FREE group on Facebook for fitness, faith, beauty, and overall LIFE inspiration!  Just click the link and request to join! ;) 

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