My Valentine Must Haves for 2017!

Can you believe January is already almost over?  It's been a solid month and I'm determined to keep things going strong!  Already looking forward to Valentine's day and all of the things you will need to stay on track AND enjoy the sweetness of the season!  

1. Pink Ice LipSense.  I've always been a gloss hoarder, but this is my latest super find.  Color stays on all day without reapplication and has been seriously healing my lips from the damage of Chapstick and other wax based products over the years.  Want to try it at a discount?  Contact me to find out how! 

2. ShaperX Womens Cross Back Sports Bra.  When you're trying to convince yourself to get your workout in, some super cute apparel certainly can't hurt.  Loving the criss cross back design.  Comes in several colors too! 

3. Bikini Pink S'well bottle.  I seriously can't say enough about my S'well.  I fought it for a long time and thought it was an overrated marketing ploy until I actually got one, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.  I'll save my spiel for another post, but just trust me when I tell you.. you need one. 

4. Chocolate Shakeology.  You want to enjoy the sweetness of the season without all the junk and calories.  Guess what... you can!  I'm not kidding when I tell you the stuff is delicious.  But unlike that box of chocolates, it will be the healthiest thing you eat all day.  I prefer the vegan chocolate; husband prefers the regular kind.  Take your pick!

5. Sensationail gel polish in Kitten Heel.  Yes, I am still doing my own nails with the same gel polish light I bought 5 years ago. Best $30 or so I ever spent.  Great results and super easy to do!

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  1. S'well bottles and LipSense are my jam! Currently sporting precious topaz!