Wednesday Whine Sesh!

What up y'all! Happy Wednesday!  Keeping it light and doing a little brain dump this morning, sharing the things that have been driving me up the wall!  Because I do a lot of "favorites" posts and focus on positivity, but hey, there are just some things a girls gotta stay out loud.  And since this blog is also my personal diary, you get to bear witness to what I REALLY think.  No offense intended. This is just for fun.  But for real... the things that I just don't get... 

1. This shirt.  Specifically the saying.  I've seen it everywhere and yes, I get the feeling.  But do people actually wear this?? Give me ONE example of a place you could wear this without being totally rude.  I can't think of one.
2. The engraving on this watch.  It popped up as a sponsored ad on IG and the progressiveness of it totally caught me off guard.  I guess this is what romance has come down to.  And you know what's even crazier?  I tried googling the photo for this blog post and a TON of stuff related to swiping right came up.  I now know I am completely old that I don't even relate to dating rituals of 2016.  Thank you sooooo much Z for marrying me and taking me off the market.  Surely I would never survive!

3. The woman who posted an ISO post on my mom swap Facebook group looking for "Girl clothes.  Name brands only. No Carter's, Target, Walmart, etc."  Honey, you're on a yard sale site!  You can't afford retail yet refuse to be seen in less than name brand sh*t?  Explain your logic.  Please. 

4. The woman who responds to an online yard sale post selling an item for $10, but says she's only willing to pay $8.  Really?  The $2 is really gonna break ya?  You're supporting another family.  Just make it a freaking even amount!

That's it for now.  And completely trivial and not in any way affecting my life.  My things that I found entertaining and wanted to pass on.  Just to get it off my chest ;)  What's your whine of the day?  Post in comments below! 

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  1. My thoughts exactly on that shirt. I'm thinking its meant for days spent on the couch binge watching netflix and instagram pictures, haha.