December Wishes to Bring Back the LOVE!

Two months.  That's about how long it's been since I wrote a single post on this thing.  It makes me sad because I honestly LOVE to blog.  I love to write and reflect and make personal connections.  It keeps me inspired and excited about life.  And as the holiday season arrives, I too am reevaluating some of my priorities lately and am bound and determined to make it a point to get back to some of the things I love.  Like blogging.

So what has happened since October?  I blame work.  And while I would love to say that I can take an hour or so for myself at the end of the day, pumping, bottles, baths, and bedtime routines are pretty much a race every evening.  Sometimes dinner is made, sometimes it's not.  Often it's take out and well, that's a whole other rant for a whole other day.  The staying healthy thing... it's tough in this mom life.  Thank God for Shakeology to keep me from straying too far off the beaten path.    But let's go ahead and add that to the things I love... staying healthy.  And I'm ready to step up my game.  

Of course I'm hopefully that of all months, this is a good one to get some LOVE back into my life.  With all of the social activities scheduled, Christmas radio, and a house full of sparkle and shine, what's not to love?  Just get me through these next 3 weeks of school without poking my eyeballs out and life should get ship shape in no time!  

So what are your goals for December?  Here are mine... just for accountability's sake ;)  

  1. Spend more time writing.  It's good for psyche.
  2. Make health a priority.  Exercise when I can.  Drink water when I should.
  3. Take photos.  Times are passing by so quickly and I want to remember the present.
  4. Snuggle my babies.  Kiss my husband.  Remember what I'm working for.
  5. Go through the gosh darn "junk room".  It's been months for Christ sake and the pile is causing me anxiety.  Anyone else feel me?  

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