Confessions of a New Mom

A couple of months into this mom thing (actually less if you take out the NICU stay), I'll admit I'm not entirely as together as I thought I would be.  I'm loving it and I'm doing my absolute best, but I've definitely acquired a few odd behaviors that quite possibly may not be socially acceptable.  Things that people may shake their head at or gag in their mouths a little bit.  Things that might make you think twice about my supermom status.  Actually, I probably should just abandon this post... but I won't.  Chances are if I'm doing it, someone else is doing it too.  And if you're not, well, then I'm a weirdo.  And that's perfectly fine with me ;)  

I confess that getting ready for the day often consists of changing my shirt and throwing my hair in a ponytail.  Often the shirt may be the same shirt I wore yesterday, and on days when I try to put on real pants, I often abandon the mission just hours later.  Like right now, I'm not wearing any pants.  I have 2 babies strategically snuggled next to me (yes, it took a while to find a position I could type in) and pants are absolutely not worth the effort.  

I confess that I've tasted my own breast milk and that I like it.  Don't worry I'm not crazy enough to save myself a glass, but if I get a few drops on my hands or whatnot, I admit to licking them and thinking to myself what a delicious treat my girls are getting.  It's way better than I thought it would be, better than regular milk even.  It's like milk infused with Rumchata, minus the alcohol, and no I haven't been drinking that either.  

I confess to loving the smell of my kids' breath.  Spit up, formula burps, and all, they are the only humans I can readily breathe in and out nose to nose with and not feel a compulsive need to turn my head away for fresh air.  I say humans because somehow I do feel this same way about my cat, which is way stranger and should probably be a confession all on its own.  

I confess that I've been a little disappointed in myself for letting my fitness go by the wayside.  A few weeks ago I was doing well and honestly got to a point of amazement with my own progress, and just as quickly let it all slip away.  Yes we've had other things going on, but it's still no excuse.  My fitness was important to me and I need to make it a priority again.  Happy mom = happy babies, right?

I confess that I am LOVING staying home with my kids.  People may think that being home with them all day might be boring, or overwhelming, but I've found neither to be true.  All day we are busy doing things, we work hard, we are tired, and every day I think to myself this is the BEST JOB EVER!  I know I could never afford it, but the SAHM life is definitely for me.  Time to start playing the lottery.  

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  1. How beautiful!! I can not wait to be loving all of those things too x

  2. Love this!! You are doing a great job Mommy!!