Twenty Three Week Update!

Likes:  fruit topped waffles, whipped cream, milkshakes, and walks around the neighborhood

Dislikes: acid reflux during the night and more back pain that I'm afraid will only get worse

Weight/Waist: 119 lbs./ 35 inches

Other happenings: I can tell babies are getting bigger and stronger because their kicks have suddenly gone from delicate little taps to sometimes jarring pokes that leave me short of breath for a moment and waiting with anticipation wondering if they will do it again.  Husband has finally gotten to feel some kicks and it is hilarious to see his reaction.  Especially when it's a quick pull away and "Eew!  There's humans in there!"  hahaha 


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  1. Aww how exciting that your husband is finally getting to feel those kicks! Although I hope those girls don't keep kicking you TOO much!! :) Enjoy those milkshakes (yum!) and your walks!!