My Weirdo Cat and!

First of all, I am sorry  I am sorry that when you approached me about doing this post, you probably thought I would have a gorgeous, model worthy feline to make your products look enticing.  I probably should have disclosed the fact that I have by far the least photogenic cat on the planet.  See...  here we are posing nicely for a mommy daughter portrait!

Those ears... those feet... what's not to love?

Besides being bad at photos, she is undoubtedly weird.  I should just call her weirdo from now on, and often I do, because her strange tendencies and objects of interest are bizarre to say the least.  Like her favorite toy is a frisbee.  She currently has 3.  She flips them and sits next to them and meows next to them until you fill them with catnip.  Will she eat her treats out of my hand, or off the floor?  Please.  Will she eat them out of the frisbee?  You bet!  Perfectly normal, perfectly natural.  We tried these salmon and cranberry flavor and she absolutely loves them!  She is a little camera shy and refuses to eat them in front of it, but leave her alone and come back and the frisbee is miraculously empty.  Hmmm...
Um, mom... the frisbees are this way...

Not only was my little walrus spoiled with treats, but thank you Chewy for sending over her new favorite toy!  She now enjoys flipping it up in the air and pouncing around.  I apologize, she did not do this on the day I gave it to her.  Could she graciously accept the toy and carry it nicely in her mouth like a normal cat?  Of course not.  Instead, she must stalk around it with at least a 4 foot radius, occasionally going in for a brief sniff as though attempting to deactivate the bomb that has surely been planted within.  Yes, my cat is afraid of a catnip toy.  Weirdo.  Thankfully a few days later she has been reported having a good old time with it.  I guess she was just being overly cautious.  You never know what in the catnip these days ;) 

Everyone clear the area!  A strange object has landed here!

Anyway, besides showing off my little furry weirdo, I'm asking you to consider for your little bundle of fluff's every need.  They definitely took care of mine, and for that we are both grateful! 

Our Three Peas
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