Five Steps to Spring: Home Edition

I probably should have named this "Five Steps to Summer" considering this weekend is the unofficial kickoff, but whatever the weather is like where you are, it's time to say goodbye to your winter home touches and bring the sun in wherever you can.  I'm lucky enough to have a tiny house where a few minor changes can go a long way to changing the look of the season.  Here, I'll share with you my go-to strategy for bringing life to my home each spring! 

1. Get a new welcome mat.  I refuse to pay more than $12 for one, so I don't feel bad about throwing them out at the end of each season.  I know they're the tiniest little things, but it's something that I see every time I enter or exit the house.  Perhaps that's why I swear a new one makes the biggest difference!  The one I got this year was from Big Lots, an America theme one to go with our America theme patio, but I'm also equally obsessed with this guy from Target.  Dang you Target, get me every time...

2. Flowers.  Weather your planting a few outside or bringing a fresh (or fake) bouquet into the house, a few blooms is certain to lighten the mood and get your feeling beautiful.  You don't need a lot because I know they cost can add up, but placing them in a place where I'll pass them every day really makes me smile inside.

3.  Brighten up.  Just like I'd mentioned in the beauty edition, you have to do the same thing with your home.  Each spring I take the red place mats, chair cushions, towels, and wall art out of my kitchen and replace it with yellow of everything.  It's literally just a few items and fits in one kitchen sized trash bag in the attic, but changes the entire look of the room.  It makes me realize how much I love my home and makes it honestly one of my favorite rooms in the house.

4.  Replace the candles and soaps.  I'm a sucker for these.  I'm particularly OCD about it too, because even if I love the scent I will not purchase a soap or candle that I do not feel will go well in my room color wise.  It's a constant battle... smell vs. look.  But I am slightly obsessed with this scent from Bath & Body Works and am pretty much dying to try the entire line.  Semi annual sale... wait for it, wait for it... 

5.  Open a window.  Let the breeze blow in.  Listen to the frogs croak at night and the birds tweet in the morning.  It's got to be one of my favorite things and this one costs nothing!  Now go out and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  See you on Monday!  

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  1. I think a new welcome mat is always nice. Ours gets so faded by the sun since it gets direct sunlight that we probably need a new one, too. And if it brightens up the entry, even better!!

  2. Mmmmm Open the windows - Love a good breeze through the house.

    And because we walk all over it - I never pay for a pricey welcome mat - no matter how Cute it is - or how funny the statement is on it. I mean seriously... right?

  3. Love that welcome mat! Have a great weekend :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  4. Love this! Went out today and got myself some new dish towels and a fresh bouquet of flowers! Can't wait to get a new welcome mat :)