Twenty Week Update!

Likes:  ice cream, lots of water, feeling little ones moving and wiggling like little hamsters in my belly

Dislikes: acid reflux and finding a comfy sleeping position

Weight/Waist: 33 inches/113 lbs.

Other happenings:
We had our anatomy scan this week.  Everything went well, except they couldn't finish because baby B was in a position where they couldn't see everything they needed to see, so I have to go back again in two weeks.  The sonographer did tell me that the girls were busybodies and constantly moving though!  I'm also pretty certain that I felt my first kicks Saturday night from baby B!  So cute and exciting!

On a side note, if you're expecting and wondering what your little bundles of joy will be, take this quiz courtesy of Tiny Prints and find out!  Of course, it's just for fun, but I took the quiz myself and it was 100% accurate!  Let me know if it's accurate for you!


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  1. How exciting to feel the first kicks!!! I can't believe you're halfway already! Looking great!!! :)

  2. First kicks are amazing! You look amazing - Half way there!!!

  3. So I am FINALLY getting caught up in all of my blogging, and I just found out about this!! CONGRATS girl!!! TWINS?!?! so exciting!