Twenty Two Week Update!

Likes:  ice cream, doughnuts, and the fact that my skin seems to be clearing up

Dislikes: back pain is setting in, and it's not really my lower back like I'd expected.  It's my upper back between my shoulder blades.  My husband has been a doll and massaging me every night, but still trying to figure out if there are any specific exercises or stretches that could help?  I'm having trouble stretching it because my belly is so big I can't really arch enough to feel a stretch. Ha.  Fatty.

Weight/Waist: 117 lbs./ 34 inches

Other happenings: I went back for an ultrasound so they could finish the anatomy scan since they weren't able to get everything on Baby B the first time around.  This time everything was viewable and both girls are growing nicely!  They are so scrunched up in there it is hard to believe they are comfortable, but the doctor says that's how they like to be.  I was also worried about B coming out with brain damage since A seems to enjoy kicking her in the head, but they also assured me that this is totally normal with twins and that their brains would be just fine.  Let the sibling rivalries begin!


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  1. hahaha I laughed at the kicking her in the head part...they are going to be the best of friends after being scrunched up in there so long! It's like a 9 month slumber party up in there! lol
    So glad that you're doing ok and hoping that the back pain eases up for you. Good for your hubby for trying to help! Try getting a theracane massager to get in there and see if it helps. It's one of my favorite things and really helps target knots in your back that you can't reach otherwise!

  2. Awww! Sibiling Rivalry!!!!

    I love these posts! Glad your face is starting to clear up, I knew it would - darn hormones!