Scenes from Easter Weekend

Another year, another successful Easter weekend.  Here are the hubs an I all dressed and ready for mass.  Can you believe we even made it to the 7:30 am mass?? Proud of us for getting up early!  Unfortunately I was only in there for about 15 minutes when I realized I wasn't feeling that well, might pass out.. no, vomit.. I'm going to vomit.  Cue sudden church exit and race to the bathroom stall. It's funny, the last time I was in this bathroom I was hiding out/sweating to death in my wedding gown before walking down the aisle.  This time I am pregnant with twins experiencing my first public bout of morning sickness.  Apparently this bathroom is an eventful place for me.  Lord knows why I will be in there next...

After church, my in-laws came over for Easter breakfast.  I made these really cute bunny cinnamon rolls.  Thank you Pinterest!

Oh, and did I mention that my husband made me an Easter basket?!  Yes, he is the BEST husband in the entire world!  He went to the store and picked out maternity clothes, a chalkboard egg (I love to decorate), animal crackers (one of my favorite snacks), and best apple juice on the market.  I didn't realize that there was a hierarchy of apple juice before I got pregnant, but apparently there is.  He got the good stuff ;)

I also made a man basket for him. Like I said, I love holidays and have loved putting together little practical care packages for my #1 man.  I know this will probably be the last one since next year we will have our own little bunnies to fill baskets for.  In his basket, I stuck to really practical items that I knew we needed anyway, as well as a few surprises.  His basket this year included:

  • Oriole's grill cover (our old one ripped)
  • Oriole's license plate holder (because he's about to start driving my car around once the babies come and I know my Steelers plates drive him crazy)
  • Shampoo (because he's gonna run out and ask me for more eventually anyway)
  • Wife beaters (because some of his look like they're in need of replacement)
  • Bird feeder (because it reminds him of his grandmother's house)
  • Snacks and gum (because he coaches baseball and bubble tape seemed like something he would like to have there)
  • Oriole's pacifier (ok, they're for the girls, but I knew he'd appreciate it)
  • Oriole's tickets (because we can't make opening day, and I wanted an excuse to go on a date!)

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  1. Those bunny cinnamon rolls are SO cute!! And I just love that you and your hubby got each other Easter baskets, what a great idea!