It's Good Friday, in More Ways than One!

It's good friday, and that's exactly what this post is going to be about.  All of the GOOD things going on in our lives, the silver lining and things gone wrong, the things we're excited about, ya know... the GOOD stuff! 

First, we started our week by getting this brand new, totally awesome family vehicle.  That's right, official mom mobile status!  Actually my husband is the one that will be driving it most of the time for the next few months... until the babies come and I steal it from him ;)  We've known for a while that we would need to buy a family friendly vehicle that will fit 2 car seats by summer, but when my husband's car unexpectedly broke down a couple of weeks ago, it put us on a quick hunt a little earlier than expected.  And of course, once you start emailing dealers, you're going to be harassed about 10 times a day until you buy something, so it's next to impossible to "browse" once you strike up a conversation.  So I wheeled and dealed and visited numerous dealers until this wonderful girl, Jennifer, from Heritage Hyundai hooked us up with the Santa Fe we'd been hoping for.  Proof that men talk a good sales game, but it takes a woman to get the dang thing done!  (Kidding.  Kind of.)

Second, because when it rains it pours, our oven crapped out on us too.  We thought about having it serviced, but when I realized it was 22 years old, we opted to just get a new one.  It's being delivered tomorrow.  And although this couldn't have happened at a worse time, it seems like nothing in comparison to buying a new car, so I guess I didn't freak out nearly as much as I usually would have.

Third, I organized the sh*t out of my house this week.  I'm talking closets in all 3 bedrooms, sorting through the box full of mail, vacuuming, returning duplicate wedding gifts (from 9 months ago.  Oops!).. and of course there is still more to do.  But I'm definitely enjoying this 2nd trimester energy and motivation to get things neat and tidy!

Fourth, bring on patio time and bright spring nails!  I may still be in pants and an extra sweatshirt, but I was successfully able to sit outside on our patio yesterday afternoon without shivering from head to toe.  I also painted my nails for Easter, pastel pink of course! I'd wanted a manicure but car + oven = sacrifice, and I'm honestly not that upset about it either.

Five, I'm on spring break.  Did I mention that?  It's the best thing ever.  Ever!  Clearly, how else would I have had time to do all of these productive things?  Looking forward to a weekend spent with family and my very handsome husband.  It's a good day.  A good week.  And pretty good little life I have :)

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  1. Love the Bright nails! Please come link up with me

  2. yay for a new car and oven...even if they cost money :)

  3. Really loving your new ride! Your nails look great. So excited for Spring. Happy Easter!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. How exciting a new car :) LOVE IT
    Chelsea @