Five Steps to Spring: The Beauty Edition

The sun is peeking, the weather is warming, and while I'm not exactly ready to whip out the tank tops and bikinis, I'm definitely in the mood to freshen up for Spring.  A new wardrobe or hair color would be nice, but on a tight budget, a girl's gotta look for the little things to make sure spring has sprung.  So if you're ready, just follow my lead and get a little bit of spring in your step this season!

1.  Whiten.  I'm a big teeth person and a firm believer that a white smile will take you leaps and bounds when it comes to self confidence.  And with the amount of products on the market these days, there is seriously no need for an expensive, professional job.  Crest Whitestrips do the job every time, or their generic counterpart.  Honestly they all work just as well!

2. Tan. I know it's terrible, but now would typically be the time of year when I would step myself into the tanning booth a couple times a week, just to build a little bit of a base so my skin isn't shocked at it's first real taste of summer sun.  Obviously this year, that's not really an option (Why you ask?). So, I've resigned to sprays and lotions.  If you can go get sprayed, awesome.  It works really fast an lasts a long time.  If you'd rather DIY, I still swear by the good ole tried and true Loreal Sublime Bronze.  To me it smells a lot better than other brands, and the color is natural if you have the patience to apply it evenly on a consistent basis.  

3. Brighten up.  It doesn't take a whole new wardrobe, but a few pops of color here and there go a long way.  I'm loving this look from @ashtonwearsthings.  Plain and simple with a colorful bag and nails.  Spring perfection.  

4. Rejuvenate.  I wish I could say I've gotten a nice fresh spa treatment, but that is certainly not on the budget this year.  Instead I've refreshed my skin care products and am now a dedicated Arbonne user.  I have to admit I'm not sure if this is a good or bad move on my part as it's not exactly the least expensive product out there, but by hosting a party you can get really good deals, so that's pretty much my plan from now on!  I feel like my face has finally grown accustomed to it and is glowing more and more every day.  Need a rep?  I highly recommend Kristie for all your Arbonne needs! 

5.  Move.  Under normal circumstances, I'd probably be posting up a fitness storm, getting myself in gear for the summer bikini season.  Pregnancy has changed this somewhat.  I'm now more partial to light weight bearing exercises I can do at home and long walks around the neighborhood.  I'm not saying I've given up the gym altogether, but carrying two, I'm trying to be really cautious about following the rules to make sure they stay in there as long as possible!  I know this may mean extra work for me when they come out, but healthy babies come first.  #sorrynotsorry

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  1. Have you tried Tan Towels? I've heard good things about them but I haven't used them yet. I saw it on my principal last year and we all thought she had gone somewhere tropical for the weekend and she goes "Tan Towels!" haha
    I need to get on the Crest Whitestrips again since I'm feeling a bit dingy lately.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Tan Towels - reads above commentor - interesting.

    I'm using the Jergens Tanning Cream right now - and that's working pretty well for me...

    And I have to get my teeth whitening strips - I just keep forgetting to pick them up... like every week for months (I'm being a slacker)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Yes to all of these! Whitening my teeth is one of my top favorites. I love all the alternatives to tanning - I've been using tanning face wipes recently and loving the results - it sets in as the day goes on.

  4. Love this. I will follow your advice and start whitening :0) It's been on my radar. Blessings to you!

  5. I saw someone mention tan towels, they are amazing!

    Congrats on the twins, double the blessing--how fun!!