Sixteen Week Update!

Likes:  Apple juice, leggings, Cheetos and Oreos!

Dislikes:  Starting to get sick of hot cocoa, though I still make it often.  And veggies... I know, it's terrible.

Weight/Waist: 109 lbs./ 30.5 in.

Other Happenings:
We had our first normal, nothing shocking ultrasound this week.  The twins are growing fantastically and are already looking cute as can be!  Huge sigh of relief!  I also tried my belly band that my mom got me for the first time.  While it wasn't exactly supportive, it did keep me from having to button my jeans and was much more comfortable!

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  1. So glad to see that you had a great ultrasound and everything is looking great with your two little lucky clovers :)

  2. Wear your regular jeans and just use a hair tie or rubberband to attach the buttons. I did this for a long time until maternity jeans became a must.