Catch up on the Week! Five on Friday!

One.  This week I worked 2 days and had 3 days off, not counting the weekends.  Yea, I know the school year will be going endlessly into the summer, but right now there is nothing I can do about it so I soaking up every moment of scenery and snuggle time that I can.  I love waking up and cooking yummy breakfasts for my husband, smelling the coffee brewing, and watching the beautiful sights of snow piling up on the trees outside our house.  

Two.  The belly is growing.  In fact, I'm quite positive it grew 3 sizes yesterday alone.  If you missed it, I started my weekly journaling, starting with the highlights of week 14.  Check it out here!

Three.  In addition to the updates, I also received my first Walmart Baby Box this weeks and am so happy that I signed up for it.  As a first time mom, the samples are exactly what I need to get started.  If you're interested in getting your own and want to know more details about the box, you can read my complete review.  

Four.  I changed the sheets on our bed yesterday.  I was so excited to sleep on them and they did not let down.  Perhaps this seems a stupid thing to list, as many of you probably change your sheets weekly as suggested, but now you know a horrible, shameful fact about my housekeeping.  I do not change the sheets often.  In fact I can go a good 2 months before doing so.  When both spouses are working full time, getting the necessary clothing washed is quite enough.  Towels take 2nd priority.  Sheets, please.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  

Five.  I need help from petite girls.  Specifically, ones who have had babies.  I am typically a solid size 0 or 1.  I'm 5'0" on a good day and held a pre-pregnancy weight of 97 lbs.  In fact, I haven't seen 100 pounds since my college days until these little miracles came along.  Anyway, my pants are starting to pinch.  I need to find maternity options.  Everywhere I have possibly looked or tried, even the smallest size they carry is really not small enough for the extreme petite and leave me feeling frumpy and unfashionable.  Certainly not the look I am going for when my imagination has visions of maternity chic floating around endlessly.  If there is anyone reading this in my same size range who has suggestions, please share.  Otherwise I will likely spend the next 5 months in leggings alone.

Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!

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  1. Have you tried Loft Maternity? It's online exclusive, but I know they carry petite sizes. Gap Maternity was another winner in my book!! Asos has a Maternity line that's really reasonable too - you could also try Blush Maternity, and Target and Old Navy are hit or miss, but sometimes you can find gems! Good luck!

  2. You have the cutest little bump!! And two babies :D so exciting!! I am with, I am aweful for washing our sheets, they maybe get done every two weeks #handsoverface! But there is so much to do in a day especially with two little rugrats lol. I am around 5'5 and I wear a size 0-2. I was both pregnant through the winter and summer. Winter I wore a lot of leggings and I even happen to find some maternity denim leggings. I also had to wear maternity skinny jeans in xxs and xs (some fit differnet then others) but I have heard ASOS sells awesome maternity clothing! Maybe try them out.

    Enjoy your weekend :)


  3. Oh my word, how did I miss your exciting news! Congrats girl. I'm off to check out your weekly bumpdates now. And that Walmart sample box sounds legit and perfect for a new mom. Happy Friday.

  4. I am a little 5'2" and about 120... I lived in leggings and a long top or short-ish dress and boots/booties. I also loved the Bella you have one? It's a must for allowing you to wear your regular pants much longer! I also wore flare leg crops (dressy pin-stripe style) with leather, heeled boots. That gave me a work-appropriate look and some added height. You are beautiful! Congratulations! Cute blog.

  5. What an adorable bump! And BABIES?! How exciting!