Winter Break Recap

It's the last night of winter break.  Sucks.  I can't even express how quickly my mood can go from cloud nine to downright depressed at the thought of going back to work.  But that's life, and I keep telling myself to suck it up and deal with it.  So here I go... 

It was a wonderful break.  Full of friends and family and lots of time with the love of my life.  Some say they get bored after a lengthy amount of time off work, that they're ready to get back to business.  I say that's crazy talk and could do this vacation thing for nearly my entire life and love every single minute of it.  How can you tire of it??

We spent time with friends at various outings around town.
Holiday Sweater Bar Crawl through Ellicott City.  Yes, my husband got his friend's photo from last year screen printed onto his shirt as a surprise.  He loved it.

I wore a tree skirt, thought it's tough to see in this picture.

Another bar day at Ryleigh's Oyster in Federal Hill!

We spent a lovely Christmas together, all merry and jolly and celebrating our spectacular year.

All red for Christmas Eve!

And cracking the Christmas Eve wine from our basket!!

We explored the Pittsburgh south side where my husband consumed every bite of his first ever Primanti Bros. sandwich. 

Stopped at Fat Heads to sample the extensive beer menu.  Look at all those taps!

A Pittsburgh staple.  Primanti Brothers!

We went to the zoo, which was surprisingly populated with animals for December.  The penguins walked among the patrons, which was by far the highlight of the trip.

We went to a fancy New Year's Eve dinner together, watched a movie, and had a perfect midnight kiss on our own living room couch.  

Well here goes nothing... off to work!  Wishing everyone a great first full week of the new year!

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  1. I feel like you explained my feelings about going back to work perfectly. I'm right there with you today--we'll get through it together!
    At least you have a great winter break to look back on and be happy about! It looks like it was a fabulous time! :)

  2. PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Achk, I lost everything I was about to write when I saw those cuties!!!

    Hold on to all the wonderful memories that were had on your holiday break - go to them when work starts being ICKY! I mean, that's what I do!

    I love all your holiday adventures!

    OH!! I went to our local craft brew place in search of "Sweet Baby Jesus" - - - because you know, it sounded amazing. The brewery DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE TO NY - TOTAL SAD FACE!!!!!

    1. Oh no!!! I feel like it's everywhere here lol Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yeah I feel you on not wanting to go back to work. I am perfectly content just wearing PJ's all day and watching my favorite show, Arrow LOL.

    Glad to see y'all had a really amazing holiday vacay. I love your belted red dress :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!

  4. Love it!! The tree skirt was on point!! Of course!! lol. And I love that deer sweater!!