Valentine Favorites for 2015

Valentine's Day is probably the cutest holiday ever invented.  Sure it's all commercial, but what girl can resist pink, purple, hearts, sparkle, and everything else that seems to go along with this celebration of love?  Time to reveal my favorite finds of the Valentine season!  

ONE.  Valentine decorative pillow.  All you need is love and wine.  Truth.  

TWO.  Red polka dot ankle pants.  Cute and stylish and oh so Valentiney.

THREE.  Cat. Romper.  Pajamas.  Oh my word.  I've shared my love of rompers and my cat obsession before.  These were clearly designed specifically for my closet.

FOUR.  Heart sheets.  Not sure how my husband would feel about me putting these on our bed, but I know I'd really enjoy them :)

FIVE.  Heart shaped marshmallows.  Nothing to get you through these bitter cold and snowy days like a cup of hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows.  I mean, doesn't this look good?  

SIX.  Valentine mug.  Because obviously I always need more mugs....  ;) 

So go ahead and get all lovey dovey with my favorite things!  We've got to have something to get us through the second half of winter right?!

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  1. Those red pants are super cute--so are the rest of these finds, too!

  2. I love Valentine's day, commercialism and all! Happy V Day! #TurnitupTuesday