Small Gym Wins According to Mary!

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I'm so excited to be taking over for Michelle today, especially because she's off honeymooning with her Groom.  Congrats again girl!  One thing I think of when I think of Michelle is how the girl loves to workout.  So today I'm hear to talk about just that.  

Funny Friendship Ecard: So youre telling me creating an exercise board on Pinterest isnt enough? I actually have to do the damn workouts?!  Check out the website

Often I think that people join gyms because of the name.  Golds Gym?  I know plenty of people that work out there; maybe if I signup I'll instantly look like them.  Probably not.

Living in a small town there are not many choices for "big name" gyms, in fact there are zero Golds Gyms.  So my family and I attend a local gym.  And I just love that little gym.  I have nothing against big name gyms, they serve the same purpose (overall), I just prefer my small gym and have found that there are definitely some perks...

One | Everyone is encouraging.

Two | Big or small it's still a place for me to sweat it all out and get my fitness on.

Three | No one there to see me when I bust a move on the elliptical.  Because sometimes pandora knows exactly what I need to here and I can't resist dancing to my favorite jams.

Four | Hardly ever anyone in the locker rooms to see me change.

Five | No randos checking my spandex-wearing-self out when I'm sweating my booty off on the elliptical. 

Six | I can watch whatever I want on the TV (HGTV) without worrying if anyone else wants to watch it.

Seven | Along with # six, I can change the radio to whatever station I want in the weight room, and don't have to worry if anyone is judging me for jamming out to 90's music while getting my workout on.

Eight | Only once have I not been able to get on the machine that I wanted.

Nine No one there to see me take awkward selfies and snap chats -- you know for proof that I went to the gym.


Can you relate to my small gym wins, did I miss anything? Do you attend a larger gym, what are some of those perks?  Do you take selfies while at the gym; I can't imagine that I'm the only one who does this!  I hope to see y'all in my part of the interwebs @ Eat Drink & be Mary or (if bloggin' aint your thanng) keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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