The First Week of Marriage

Well, it was my first week as a married woman, and I have to say that marriage definitely suits me so far!  With so much family that came into town, it seemed the celebration continued for days, and we are having a ball reminiscing about the events of the past weekend.  Here are my favorite things that happened this week...

We went for crabs with the family and cousins that flew in from Florida.  They just had to get some before their flight left Monday evening!

Our New Orleans family came over for a BBQ on Wednesday.  It was a little chilly for me to go swimming, but the kids didn't seem to mind!  

We opened our gifts and cards together one quiet evening.  It was our first night alone on the couch with no activities and it was the perfect thing to do.  We even cracked our “wedding night” champagne from the engagement basket our friend got us.  Yes I know it wasn’t actually our wedding night, but trust me, I’d drank plenty that day ;)

We watched the all-star game with my husband’s softball team.  They were supposed to have a game, but were rained out, so it all worked out to be a good night for beer, wings, and team bonding!

I finally got back into the gym and bought some healthier groceries.  After nearly a week of social events and pigging out at various dinners and luncheons, it feels great to return to some sort of normalcy.  

Hope everyone else had as great of a week as I did! On to the weekend!

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  1. YAY! So glad you are enjoying a great first week! It's incredible!

  2. Sounds like marriage definitely suits you really well!! I hope you continue to enjoy it for the rest of your life as much as you have enjoyed the first week!! Congrats!!

  3. Sounds like an awesome first week! Glad you got to enjoy so much time with family & got to celebrate all week!!

  4. Congrats, married lady:) It is pretty awesome, eh?!