Five Reasons I've Been MIA

Sorry guys!  I know I’ve been completely bailing on the blog lately, which is ironic considering I’m not even working this week.  Funny how you save the 127,359 things that need to get done for the days you are off and find you are busier than ever!  Anyway, it’s not been ALL errands this week.  I’ve worked in some time for myself and to make the most of summer.  

One.  I finished up my beach week with the fiance’s softball tournament last weekend. I freaking love those guys.  So funny and they keep me laughing for hours on end.  He also hit 2 home runs.  I was so proud.

Two.  My friend Christina and I attended our first Paint Nite.  Have you been to one? They hold them all over the place around here at various bars and restaurants.  You drink; you paint; you have fun.  I will be honest, we were seriously the best painters in the class.  My fiance even told me  how impressed he was when he saw it and is convinced I bought it.  I swear I painted it myself!

Three.  I went to dinner with a bunch of high school friends.  We do this yearly and it’s always interesting to see how our lives have all taken such different paths.  Well, mine specifically.  Sometimes I feel left out for not having a family and stuff by now, but maybe one day.  Maybe.  

Four.  TIESTO!!!!  I went to the Thank You Festival last night and saw a bunch of DJ’s including my favorite girls, Krewella.  Amazing people watching.  Lots of dancing.  I’d go again for sure! 

Five.  I spent a lot of time this week pursuing things and worrying about things that are pretty well out of my control.  It’s led to sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety.  I’m saying right now that starting tomorrow I will let it be what it is and will not let it take away from the week before my wedding because it is starting to take over my brain at a time when I should be happy and excited.   I don’t want to wake up after my wedding is over and realize I never took a moment to enjoy it.  End rant.  Weekend, let’s go! 

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  1. I loved seeing you this week! I miss seeing you on a regular basis! So happy for your exciting life events...don't feel left out, you are doing fun things :) xoxo

  2. I've always wanted to do painting with a twist, looks so fun!

    The festival looks like a blast, I wanna go :-)

  3. About your #5 - GOOD FOR YOU. If it isn't in your control.. let it roll of. It's something I am (slowly) learning through this wedding planning process... It will all get done, and it will all lead up to an amazing day. :) You got this!

    I love the pictures from the concert you went to... and the pictures of you and your HS friends... So cool you do these things... And one day, you'll have everything you want.. it just takes time, and happens when it's supposed to... Am I right?

    Last week was insane, between my own pain/issues and then Emry got hurt... Come check out the REALLY long recap.