Five on Friday

Today is my last Friday of the school year.  Can I get a hallelujah? Despite all the snow this winter and our early mid-August start, I honestly can’t believe how quickly the year passed, but hey, I certainly can’t hate summer, so let’s call this the best time of the year. ;)

ONE. Me and my teammate at school are both getting married this July, so our co-workers threw us a shower.  It was so over the top thoughtful and I still cannot believe all the people that showed up to support us. Gosh I love my school!

We romantically cut the cake!

TWO.  My photographer sent us this cute care package and a note about how excited she is to shoot the wedding. I’m not fooled.  I know it’s just a day of work for her, but she is a master at making us feel happy and excited all over again about our upcoming day.  Good pick by me! 

THREE. I am still searching for great song ideas for a wedding playlist since I am literally lining it up and hooking the ipod up for 3 hours of play time.  And seriously, if anyone says “Don’t Stop Believing”, you are smoking some serious crack my friend.  Am I the only one who thinks this song is painfully overplayed and basically elicits reactions equivalent to the electric slide?  

FOUR.  A girlfriend invited me to meet her in our hometown for drinks after work today and it was seriously the best time.  Besides catching up with her, the weather was gorgeous and I was reminded all over again why home is such a glorious place.  I love Baltimore and don’t want to move back, but dang, Frederick, Maryland is totally legit.  I need to hang around here more often!  

FIVE.  Last “weekend” before summer.  So much to do and so little time.  This next week will be a whirlwind, so my apologies if I start to fall behind in posting. I’m probably deep in data and portfolios while mentally packing for my upcoming beach vacation and deciding on my Seacrets drink of choice.  Not much longer.  Not much at all. 

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  1. Maryland looks GORGEOUS! That's a great picture!

    Not going to lie, Don't Stop Believing, is overplayed... but I still LOVE it. **SighS** I'm addicted.
    What about going super duper old school? Break out some 80's power ballads! Mr. Big? Anybody? Just confuse your guests!! haha

    I love that your co-workers through you a shower! How wonderful!! And your photographer seems AWESOME!

    I did some friday fives this week too!

  2. Ooo, yay! I'm so excited for you- it's almost time! That's so nice of your co-workers, everyone loves you :-)