Dapper Summer Style for Your Man

Today is a first for my blog.  If you’ve been around long, you know I’m super into all things girly, but today I’m dedicating my post to my recent love of men’s fashion for summer 2014.  I’m not sure if it’s a trend or the fact that he turned 30 this year, but lately the fiance has been coming home with these snazzy preppy little numbers that basically make me want to kiss him all over.  Behold the pinstripe jacket and bright blue tie he wore to the recent wedding we attended (complete with elbow patches btw).  I was so taken by him and am pretty sure he was the handsomest I have ever seen him.  Quite a switch from his typical “skater” look, although he would argue with me for saying it, but that’s how I’d normally describe him.  Anyway, I love him both ways, but I certainly don’t hate the recent prep in his step ;)

Enter Paul Fredrick.  When they contacted me to get behind their summer line, I instantly fell in love.  It’s bright, bold, and sure to grab attention wherever you go.  And as we are in the midst of horse race season and wedding season, I’m sure you have no shortage of places to impress!  Belmont Stakes anyone?  Check out my favorite pieces to up your man’s summer swag!  

Lil Mrs Tori

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  1. I wish I could get my fiance to find a middle ground with clothes.

    It's either - Cargos/Rocker T's or a Suit.

    There is no Business Casual in his world.....**SIGHS**

    But, I love the board, great options!

  2. What I would do to get my guy to wear something else besides a tee shirt or work shirt! Great ideas :-)