Rookie Rules for Blogging

I started this blog in June of last year.  It was a slow start and I had have absolutely no clue what I am doing, so please keep that in mind as I attempt to divulge blog tips for those looking to build or create their own.  The effectiveness of this advice is still TBD, but be sure to follow me so I can remove this sentence at a later date. (hint, hint)

Have fun with it.
I started this blog because I thought it would be fun.  I enjoy using social media and figured this would be an even greater extension of that.  What I didn’t know is how many amazing people I would connect with or how much this little space of mine would become a source of joy and gratitude for this sweet little life of mine.  Even things like changing my colors, sidebar, or buttons give me what I expect to be same feeling as a kid with a brand new craft kit.  If you’re not having fun with it, it’s not worth it.

Find your voice.
As an educator, some of my favorite papers to read come from students who write like they speak.  The paper could be typed with no name on it at all, and I would know exactly who wrote it.  It actually gives me the smiles thinking of what good little bloggers they’ll make one day.  I try to possess this trait as well and believe that it is oh so important to connect with readers, especially when they do not know you in real life.  In my blog, I am not always grammatically correct.  I often leave out punctuation, use fragments, and even words that aren’t real.  It’s all purposeful though.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ll never catch me mixing up your and you’re (go ahead, find one, I triple dog dare you), but your blog is not a place to be conservative.  It is a place to be real.  It’s a place to be YOU. 

Be confident.
In addition to being yourself, you can't care what other people think too much.  I don't think I would have been able to have a blog in my twenties because I wasn't confident enough yet.  I was still trying to find my way and would have worried way too much about being judged. Be who you are, respectfully of course, and do it proudly.  

Don’t be shy.
It took me quite a long time to grow the balls to even follow someone’s blog that I didn’t know let alone comment on it or add my own link.  Once I started, I realized it’s easy.  Blog land is like Disneyland.  Everyone is kind and supportive and on some sort of drug that makes them exude sequins and glitter.  It’s quite the oddity.  That or I only follow southern bloggers so I don’t know any different yet ;)  

Search for advice.
If you're reading this post, you already have the right idea.  Learn from others.  Take advantage of sites like Pinterest when starting your blog.  I could give you step by step directions on creating codes and stuff, but honestly you can find anything you want to know through a simple Google search.  Find a set of directions you can follow and understand and pin it for future reference.  If I can do it, anybody can.  

Can’t wait to check out all of the other blogger advice on Lisa’s Inspire Me 2014 Challenge.  Hopefully I’ll be pinning some of YOUR stuff soon! 

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  1. I read something like this in Wordpress I believe. But thanks for touching up on the basics.

  2. I hope someday to have a worthwhile enough blog to invest in a domain name :-)

    1. I actually searched for a GoDaddy coupon code and got mine for $2!

  3. I love reading others tips on blogging!! Thanks!!

  4. This couldn't have come at a better time! I decided to start blogging January 1, so I'm REALLY new to this game...and very appreciative of your advice! Thank you for sharing!

    1. No problem! I am actually shocked that I am still into it and keeping it up for more than a month! haha Beware though.... it's slightly addicting ;)

  5. Great advice for all of us