Liebster Award

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to The Sea Salted Blonde for nominating my blog for this award.  It is so fulfilling to find out that people are reading what I write, and not hating it! :)  The Liebster award is given by fellow bloggers to new blogs with smaller followings, but huge potential; it is a great way to find new blogs as well as support one another.  

The rules of the award are as follows: 

Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.

Answer the eleven questions they asked.
Nominate eleven other bloggers with a smaller following but a lot of potential.
Create eleven of your own questions for them to answer.
Notify your nominees.

These were my questions...

If you could have anyone's wardrobe appear in your closet, whose would it be?  Obviously Kate Middleton.  Would anybody disagree?  I think not. 

I mean, she even looks perfect after giving birth.  Give me a break.

What is your dream job?  

Definitely a pop singer like Britney Spears.  My friends all know that if she ever had a sick day, I could pretty much step right into her spot and not miss a beat. That is how much I study her choreography.  

Ok, now that you know how weird I am... I would also LOVE to do what Ashy Bines does.  If you don’t know her, you should.  She is a Aussie phenom and my newest girl crush for sure.  She is so motivational for fitness and attitudes in general.  I would love to interview her one day and find out what she’s doing right so I can follow in the same path!
Where do you gather your biggest style inspiration from?  
Probably Pinterest to be honest.  It helps me to see all the different ways I can put together clothing that I already own as well as helps me to figure out what I’m in the market for.  
If you got to choose the Pantone Color of 2014 what would it be?  
What the heck is the Pantone Color??  Had to Google that one.  I think it’s basically asking what my favorite color is to wear?  Like in clothing, jewlery, etc.?  This year I have been especially drawn to coral and turqoise, so I'd have to go with one of those.  I've also been a fan of gold jewlery throughout my life, so I'm super excited to see it come back in style. 

What is your favorite accessory that you own?  
My engagement ring.  It makes me feel loved and wanted and like a real grown up.  
What is your favorite way to unwind on the weekend? 
Watching a movie in my sweats with pizza and a glass of wine while spending time with the man I love!
What is your go-to outfit at the moment?  
Leggings, boots, and a tight fitting shirt under a denim jacket.  Perfect amount of layers that I can pair with my scarves and other winter gear without getting out my winter coat.  

What's your one beauty must-have?  
Sunscreen!  It is so important to protect our skin from the sun, especially now that I’m 30 and can see all the wrinkles starting to appear!

Where is your favorite vacation destination?  
Some may find this sad, but I have to go with Ocean City, Maryland.  Without a lot of money, it has always been the closest and least expensive option so I have most of my vacation experience here.  I also love that when I go, we always know a ton of other people there, so we get to socialize and spend time with friends.
Me and my hunny from a few years ago.  My how we've changed!
Nail color you wear the most?  
Oh jeez, I change that a LOT.  I don't even think I can pick one because I go from all extremes... pale pink, dark red, brown, coral... it all depends on my mood.  
Guilty pleasure?  
Reality TV.   RH, Shahs, Millionaire Matchmaker...  Can’t get enough of it!

Now it’s time to for me to turn it over to my nominees of choice!  And they are.....

Your questions are...
  1. Are you a morning or night person?
  2. Favorite drink at Starbucks?
  3. Have you ever traveled to another country?
  4. Best concert you've ever been to?
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
  6. The thing you'd most love to buy that you will never afford?
  7. What is your favorite charitable cause?
  8. What is your favorite thing about your significant other? Or, if you're single, the quality you most look for?
  9. Where and when did you ride your first roller coaster?   
  10. TV in the bedroom: yes or no?
  11.  Which Kardashian is most like you?

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  1. Oh thank you!! You are too sweet, I feel so special ;-)

    I'm a Pinterest addict too & obsessed with Bravo tv!

  2. Ummm you might have to fight me to take Britney's place :) haha no matter how old I get, I will probably always want to be a pop star, too!