It's scroungy and I love it.

Well, December is here and the decorations are up.  I love it.  The house is warm and cozy and twinkly and it is perfectly acceptable to display little cartoonish figures in random nooks and crannies.  Hard to believe considering the dining rom was entirely naked just a few short weeks ago.  We got a few pieces of furniture and the fiance went to work (with the help of his dad of course) assembling and drilling and hanging until it looked like an actual room.  Ok, we still may not have chairs, but it’s definitely getting there!  Amazing what can happen in just a day when you put your mind to something!  

Dining room before and after!  

Enjoy some of my holiday decor, mostly Pinterest inspired of course, and filled with many trinkets of my past (i.e. things I have stolen from my mother).  

My Christmas mantle with twinkle lights and a nativity scene.  I spray painted the love bottles myself! 
The kitchen all wrapped like a present.
My teammate MADE this for under $5 with a chair rail, a 2x4, some paint, and decorations!

Yes, I am a weirdo that hangs my wreath on the INSIDE of my house.  Hey, it's not like I'm standing outside staring at my own house, so I enjoy it more this way.

"Merry Christmas ya filthy animal"

New reindeer pillows from Shut Up I Luv That

Now, this is our tree.  

It is a scroungy tree.  We bought it at Home Depot, so when you go there the tree limbs are still kind of folded up from being transported I suppose so it’s a little tough to tell what it’s going to turn out like.  Ours looked full and fabulous, but as it’s loosened up a bit, we can see the imperfections... a few branches sticking out too far, one that reaches diaganally from the trunk instead of straight out, and a sort of naked spot over to the right.  It drives my fiance crazy and he swears we are going to cut one down next year, especially as we visit each of our friends houses and see their amazing, perfectly shaped trees with equally amazing and coordinated decorations.  

But ya know what?  I love ours!  I keep telling him to stop insulting it because he is hurting its feelings.  We don’t have to have a perfect tree to have a beautiful one.  That’s not what Christmas is all about.  Christmas is about memories and love and that is exactly what I see when I look at my tree.  

Our ornaments are totally random, not matching, and even somewhat tacky, but they’ve been collected over the past 31 years and each of them tell a story.  Even the fading red bulbs are the same ones I hung as a small child and I’m quite certain they may actually be older than I am.  

Each ornament tells a story.  From top left:
1.  Our favorite teams (equal representation)
2. Baby's First Christmas.  I didn't have a baby.  It's mine from 1982.
3. Engraved with the name of one of my cats who is waiting for me in Heaven.
4. A wedding favor from just a year ago, a reminder of a fun night and a celebration of love!

This is an ornament I hand painted last year as a replica of our new house.
The back reads "First Christmas in our First Home". 

So maybe one day we will upgrade to a real adult picture perfect tree, but somehow I doubt this.  I’m pretty sure we will just keep adding to the randomness as we create new memories together.  And that’s what Christmas is all about.  

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  1. First of all, I love your tree!

    The dining room set is amazing! Great job to your man! :)

    I love the Home Alone quote and I also love your wreath facing in instead of out.

    A friend of mine collects ornaments every year and she buys a new one every year. I had no idea they really do tell a story. I need to start collecting mine so that I can pass it on to my future children etc.

    I just got back from helping my friend decorate her tree and it was a lot of fun. We definitely made some memories that we will cherish.

    1. Thanks! I really should just thank my mom for collecting them all in a seperate box for me my whole life so I would have stuff to decorate wtih when I finally moved out ;)