Jewelry Basics for the Bargain Shopper

Who has a shopping addiction? [Me!] Who loves girly accessories and feels incomplete without coordinating jewelry? [Def me!]  Well then, I just have to take a moment to clue you in on my recent jewelry store discovery for the budget savvy.  Actually it’s probably already your favorite clothing store as well.  Forever 21!  For real!!!!

Here are my most recent favorites:
Gold Love Hearts necklace an silver triangle necklace, both $2.80.
Hearts midi ring, $3.80. 

All of the jewelry I have gotten here has cost no more than $4.00 a piece.  Not kidding!  And I mainly keep going back for stud earrings, and silver, gold, or rose gold basics. Not so much statement necklaces or baubles, just to be clear. ;)  

These gold flower studs, $1.70 (above), were a great match for this colorful bauble from Francesca's (below).  

Is this high quality stuff?  No.  Will it fade and tarnish in the sun?  I’m sure.  Is it going to last for years and years?  Doubtful.  Will I want new up to date jewelry once next years trends come out anyway?  Probably!  So, I’m quite certain I have at least gotten my $1.80 or $2.80 out of it already.  After all, a latte costs at least that much and you’ll piss it out within an hour.  This seems like a way more lasting deal.  

I've also found that their inventory changes on the regular.  In fact, I only got these pieces a few weeks ago and already I can't find half of them online anymore.  So if you don't see anything you like one week, check back the next.  

What is your favorite spot for bargain hunting?

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