Fall Fashion Fever and my Love of Leggings

It’s official.  I have fall fashion fever and I can’t stop it. 

I want so many cute new things to update my wardrobe and the tops on the list have got to be LEGGINGS!  When the plain black leggings came back into style a few years back, I thought I was in heaven, for I can’t think of a more comfortable thing aside from sweatpants.  This year leggings seem to have been taken to a whole new level and I am embracing it 100%!  

Bright colors, fall colors, geometric patterns, florals, stripes, tribal prints, animal prints, polka dots.... ok I’m starting to sound like the shrimp guy on Forest Gump, but I love them all!  

When I first decided I needed a pair, these floral leggings from Modest Closet were my first fall wardrobe additions.  The material is almost shiny and they are super duper stretchy.  I’m pretty sure they are meant for someone quite bigger than I, but that’s the beauty of spandex.  I can still wear them even if I’m pint sized.  

Next, I found this fun geometric print at Forever 21.  They have a ton of leggings there by the way, you just have to hunt for them.  I decided to pair it with a bright colored top.  (This one is from Charlotte Russe.)

My favorite of all might this pair of faux leather leggings, also from Forever 21.  They’re perfect for a night out when you want to dress up a bit or for an added edge of sexiness.

I swore up and down that I would stop after 3 pairs of leggings, but I have a suspicious feeling this is not the end.  

While I’m at it, what is your opinion of THESE???!!!  

I have been seeing this style everywhere lately and am just not sure what to think about it.  On these ones, the spotted parts are actual material, but the in between part that would normally be lighter in color, is just like a panty hose material.  It appears that they are supposed to be worn as you would wear leggings, but when you look closely, you can definitely see your actual skin through the entire thing.  Trust me.  I tried them on.  I could see my own butt.  Are people really wearing this?  

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